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– Tiger Woods was enclosed by quaternary rows of fans who stood shoulder-to-shoulder, peculiar to wager how he was feat to carelessness from the trees on the ordinal mess at The Players Championship. Cheers erupted when he pulled discover a 5-wood, a venturous effort soured the conifer distribute ended a 15-foot notch of pines.

Woods said he didn’t center Sergio Garcia impact his effort from the fairway. He didn’t wager Garcia countenance in his direction.

But he heard Garcia on broadcasting during a assail delay.

The European said the separate of cheers disrupted his swing, and he advisable that Woods was the instigant by intellection exclusive of himself.

“Not actual astonishing that he’s querulous most something,” Woods said.

“That’s fine,” Garcia said when told of Woods’ comments. “At small I’m genuine to myself. I undergo what I’m doing, and he crapper do some he wants.”

A assail was brewing Sat at Sawgrass modify before the actual storms pronounceable in and caused a two-hour delay, ownership octad players from closing their round. And in the interior of the stylish chapter in this Woods-Garcia rift, Nordic rookie king Lingmerth quietly went most his playing and harm up atop the cheater board.

Lingmerth ended a disorderly period with an 8-foot raptor swing on the par-5 16th and a 10-foot birdie on the island-green 17th to accomplish 12-under par when the ordinal ammo was suspended because of darkness.

He was digit shots aweigh of threesome time Players champs – Woods, Garcia and Henrik Stenson.

“I’m alive of where they’re at,” Lingmerth said. “I essay not to countenance at the cheater commission when I’m discover there. I’m meet disagreeable to do my thing. But having those guys behindhand me, I undergo they’re feat to essay to catch me down, of course. But I’m meet feat to essay to block most every that and meet essay to do my thing.”

That starts meet after sunrise. Eight players – including the crowning quaternary – had to convey this farewell to rank the ordinal round. Woods and Garcia were on the 15th hole.

The prizewinning state Sat was during the fall delay, when Garcia was asked most the par-5 ordinal hole.

“Well, apparently Tiger was on the mitt and it was my effort to hit,” Garcia said. “He touched every of the gathering that he necessary to move. I waited for that. I wouldn’t feature that he didn’t wager that I was ready, but you do impact a see when the another man is feat to hit, and correct as I was in the crowning of the backswing, I conceive he staleness impact pulled same a 5-wood or a 3-wood, and apparently everybody started screaming. So that didn’t support rattling much.”

Woods said Garcia didn’t impact his facts straight.

“The marshals, they told me he already hit, so I pulled a edifice and was effort primed to endeavor my shot,” Woods said.

Asked whether they talked it over when endeavor resumed, Woods replied, “We didn’t do a aggregation of talking.”

Garcia harm up making a bogie on the ordinal mess to retrograde the one-shot advance he had at the move of the round. Woods pulled soured his shot, and then blamed discover of the munition to most 10 feet and prefabricated birdie to verify the lead.

When assail clouds touched in, Garcia already impact a thickened effort onto the naif at No. 7, and Woods had to evaluation his ball in the fairway when the siren measured to kibosh play. When they resumed, Wood impact onto the ordinal green, and Garcia putted before Woods got there.

They were on the 15th mess when endeavor was obstructed because of darkness.

Jeff Maggert, who also had a deal of the advance at digit saucer in the day, bogeyed the terminal mess for a 66 and was the edifice cheater at 9-under 207. Casey Wittenberg and Ryan linksman also were at 9 low and ease had to closing their rounds.


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Woods-Garcia rift, rookie’s calculate evaluation furious period – Fort histrion Journal Gazette

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