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The blackamoor accused of concealing the cake proceeds from her daughter’s Girl Scout crowd overturned herself in Monday, according to East Point police.

MerTinya DeLoatch was inactive and live with digit calculate of felony thieving by conversion, according to police. But the money DeLoatch allegedly took wasn’t returned because she told personnel she has already spent it.

DeLoatch served as the cake money trainer for her daughter’s crowd in East Point, but another parents reportable her to personnel terminal hebdomad for allegedly pocketing the cash.

After commerce 1,400 boxes, or $4,900 worth, of cookies, the crowd was questionable to acquire $700 — sufficiency for badges, a meal and a activate to an recreation park. But the crowd didn’t intend the money for its hornlike work, parents said.

On Friday, a spokeswoman for the Girls Scouts of Greater besieging told The besieging Journal-Constitution the crowd module intend to hit its meal and attain a activate to Six Flags after all.

“Through the hold of Six Flags Over Colony and a rattling big gift from Reliable Heating and Air, the girls module be healthy to undergo the benefits of attaining the goals they ordered with their cake information by outlay a period at Six Flags Over Colony thought tract and having their banquet,” Shana solon said in emailed statement.

The Girl Scouts connexion is cooperating with police, solon said.

DeLoatch was due to be reserved into the discoverer County slammer weekday night, according to police.

Woman admits attractive Girl Scout cake money – besieging Journal Constitution

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