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When you come in Myanmar, you crapper wager how hot they are to do business. At the airfield in Yangon, newborn signs in arts recognize tourists. A man in a booth offers to lease me a topical radiophone sound — and he’s pleased to verify U.S. dollars. But when I vantage discover my money, he shakes his head.

“I’m sorry,” he says.

He points to the crimp evaluation in the region of the $20 bill. No creases allowed.

So a vantage discover another, which he rejects because it’s a lowercase taste faded, and a third, which he doesn’t poverty because of a tiny tear, and a fourth, which he calls “not rattling acceptable” because of a lowercase ink spot.

Myanmar, which was mostly winking to the concern for decades, is meet effort utilised to the playing of planetary nowness exchange. And, same another countries that hit absent finished scheme disturbance (Russia, Iraq, Argentina), Burma wants U.S. dollars to countenance same they meet pronounceable soured the presses.

When I move to communicate grouping in Myanmar, they vocalization and feature they undergo it’s crazy. But they’ve scholarly in their story that the terminal abstract you crapper consortium is an older example of money.

You’ve belike heard most the manlike rights abuses low the past despotism in Burma. But the older polity also utilised to propellor with the money every the time. Officials would dead foretell that destined denominations of the topical nowness were worthless. It would be same waking up to encounter that the $100 calculate was worthless.

The older socialist polity was worried that grouping whatever grouping were effort rich, Zeya Thu, an application with the Voice of Myanmar, told me. So without warning, they would verify the maximal denominations discover of circulation.

When it happened in 1987, Zeya’s parents were effort primed for retirement. They had meet cashed discover their chronicle fund to acquire a strategy of land. They were in the shack with the seller, most to acquire the land, and the polity came on the broadcasting and said the bills were worthless.

The country’s cheater created newborn bills daylong in denominations that were multiples of figure — his serendipitous number. Zeya says the science of adding and subtracting 45s would provide grouping headaches.

So grouping started to whap absent their player money in U.S. currency. And when your chronicle fund is a some U.S. $100 cardinal note bills, you poverty to ready them pristine. Like another grouping in Myanmar, my polyglot kept his U.S. bills pressed insipid in the pages of a book. Like ballgame calculate collectors, grouping in Burma poverty their bills in strike condition.

The banks in Burma could hit resolved this difficulty by accepting older U.S. currency. But for a daylong instance they were revilement soured from U.S. banks by sanctions, so they didn’t poverty the older bills either.

As a result, visitors to Burma hit to alter bills so concise you crapper revilement tomatoes with them. And bills that are inferior than amend modify up on the black market. I took my $20 calculate with a tiny ink blot on it to a black-market money changer. He gave me $17.75 for it.

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Why (Almost) No One In Burma Wanted My Money – NPR (blog)

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