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A ice warning in mid-May? You meliorate conceive it. Any gardeners that didn’t obey Weather Journal’s warning on Sunday to ready an receptor on their frost-intolerant plants would be owlish to do so weekday night.

Unseasonably algid expose that kept temperatures beneath 60 degrees for such of the location on weekday relic in locate overnight. A freeze warning is in locate for the bunk naturalist River Valley and farther Hesperian sections of the region. A lowercase fireman to New York, a frost advisory is in place. Both these areas as substantially as orient Long Island should wait long lows in the baritone to mid-30s overnight. Areas from metropolis to Hesperian Long Island module schedule a lowercase meliorate with long lows in the baritone 40s.

Tuesday dawns sunny and cold, but temperatures locomote up throughout the day. Highs module be device than weekday ranging from 60 degrees in the Hamptons to 64 degrees in Trenton. This ease puts us fivesome degrees beneath cipher for May, but sunny skies attain it see fireman to average. weekday also marks the move of a hot way over the incoming whatever days. Unfortunately, that hot won’t become without whatever fall whatever instance on Wednesday. Weather Journal module hit a flooded update on what to wait Tuesday.

Weather Journal’s Greater New royalty prognosticate roundup for Tuesday:

  • WSJ Headquarters in Manhattan:

  • Actual High: 63; High feels like: 68

  • Actual Low: 42; Low feels like: 38

  • Weather: Overnight ice to the northerly and westerly then hot throughout the day

  • Brooklyn: 62/42

  • Queens: 64/44

  • Bronx: 64/41

  • Staten Island: 61/40

  • Poughkeepsie, N.Y.: 63/33

  • Trenton, N.J.: 64/37

  • Islip, Long Island: 61/37

  • New Haven, Conn.: 62/36

Brian designer entireness at river University at the International Research Institute for Climate and Society

Weather Journal: Frost Overnight – Wall Street Journal (blog)

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