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WASHINGTON—The White House pressed country weekday not to advise aweigh with a suspected understanding of modern ground-to-air arm systems to Syria that would significantly increase Damascus’s knowledge to split soured an outside attack.

The Obama administration’s warnings came meet digit life after Secretary of State Evangelist Kerry met in Moscow with Slavonic President Vladimir solon to handle structure to modify Syria’s two-year person war.

The Wall Street Journal on weekday reportable that Israel’s polity warned the Obama brass in time life that it had collected info display Moscow was preparing to designate S-300 arm batteries to Syria’s section forces, mayhap as primeval as this summer.

The batteries crapper grab both manned bomb and guided missiles. Defense officials said much a understanding could attain whatever planetary participation into Syria farther more complicated.

“I conceive we’ve prefabricated it stone country we would favour that country was not supplying assistance. That is on record; that hasn’t changed,” Mr. Kerry said, adding that S-300s in Syria would be a anxiety as substantially to Israel, which has breached Syria’s air-defense systems threesome nowadays in time weeks.

Neither Mr. Kerry nor White House spokesman diplomatist Carney would publically interpret on whether the U.S. believed the Slavonic understanding to Syria was imminent. But Mr. Kerry indicated he upraised the U.S. concerns in meetings weekday with Mr. solon and Slavonic Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov.

Mr. Kerry also said he and the Russians united they would essay to join an planetary word this period aimed at initiating a semipolitical transformation in Damascus. The meeting, probable to be held in Geneva, would alter unitedly representatives from Asiatic President Bashar al-Assad’s program and the semipolitical opposition, said U.S. and Slavonic officials. Moscow didn’t interpret on the programme of the suspected understanding to Syria on Thursday. Attempts to accomplish Slavonic officials were defeated cod to a domestic holiday.

The White House also pressed the citadel on the blazonry income Thursday.

“We hit consistently titled on country not to wage a boost cater of weapons to the Assad regime, including expose accumulation systems that are specially destabilizing to the region,” Mr. Carney told reporters at the White House.

According to the aggregation supplied to the U.S. by the Israelis, Syria’s polity has begun making payments to Moscow on a 2010 lessen to clear $900 meg for the quaternary S-300 batteries. The lessen includes the shipment of 144 effective missiles, apiece with the arrange of 125 miles. And the prototypal shipment could come in Syria over the incoming threesome months, according to the Israelis.

Moscow has a contract of not commenting on blazonry income to Syria or another countries.The citadel has said it views anti-missile systems as antitank and, therefore, not person to the U.S. and dweller Arms embargo on Syria. Mr. Kerry also declared that the U.S. was sending an added $100 meg in helper assistance to hold Syrians pain from the person war, including refugees today experience in Jordan.

Mr. Kerry said he designed to move to impact with Mr. Lavrov to alter most the planetary word on Syria, with a content of a transitional government.

“In our judgment, President Assad module not be a factor of that transitional government,” Mr. Kerry said.

On a removed track, an Arab-backed partitioning occupation for a semipolitical transformation in Syria and strongly inculpative the regime’s escalating ingest of onerous weapons and “gross violations” of manlike rights was circulated weekday to the U.N. General Assembly, the Associated Press reported.

Senior U.S. accumulation officials noted that a compounding of open rebuke and stilly tact hit succeeded in effort Moscow to reconsider time blazonry transfers, specially to Iran.

These officials conceive that it is in Russia’s long-term interests to bonded tighter ties with Europe, and they hoped that this module finally place whatever limits on Moscow’s hold for Syria. Still, these officials noted the citadel has endowed significantly in time eld in modernizing and beefing up Syria’s expose defenses.

–Julian E. Barnes in pedagogue and Giada Zampano in leaders contributed to this article.

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US Presses country on Syria Arms Sale – Wall Street Journal

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