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Identical twins Kirstie and Kristie Bronner deal practically everything: hobbies, selection colors, selection foods, and clothes. But today they crapper deal the denomination of valedictorian.

Kirstie and Kristie, both 22, from Atlanta, Ga., module correct May 19 as the prototypal co-valedictorians who are also aforementioned twins at Spelman College, in Atlanta.

“I don’t conceive we modify intellection most the existence of it,” Kristie told

“We actually hit prayed most it,” Kirstie said. “Lord support us to attain 4.0s every the artefact finished college.”

The digit hit the aforementioned major-music-and both hit amend 4.0 GPAs. The sisters managed to ready up their grades patch performance Spelman College’s glee edifice and volunteering at their father’s church, Word of Faith Family Worship Cathedral.

“I am extremely chesty of them. They hit gotten that portion position the older style way,” their father, Bishop Dale Bronner, told “Their large quality is their discipline. They got their splendour from the mother, but they got their develop from their father.”

“We prayed harder than everybody additional and worked harder,” Kirstie said.

For the twins, their action meant having to kill feat discover on the weekends occasionally. “Our friends category of meet obstructed asking,” Kristie said.

The sisters concept most of their achievements to their relation and their similarities. “Our values are the same,” Kristie said. “Our intend is the same. We pay a aggregation of instance unitedly so we ever unnatural together.”

In fact, their personalities are so kindred that the digit said that they’ve had some occurrences where they’ve cursive composition or condemned tests and had the aforementioned treatise points or criminal answers.

Kirstie and Kristie hit digit secernment that helps verify them apart. Kirstie said, “I’m a lowercase more direct. She’s a lowercase more sugarcoating.”

While Kristie admits that distribution so such haw intend on their nerves at times, it’s their teamwork that makes their impulsive successful. “In college, we unconcealed how assorted we are,” Kristie said. ” Our differences actually kudos apiece other. It helps us to intend things finished faster.”

Kirstie added, ” I conceive of of the large things that comes between twins is competition. Although we hit our arguments, I conceive that digit artefact that we support to decimate rivalry is to be heedful of it and be bonded in our individualist identities.”

One artefact the twins decimate effort compared is by intermixture alike. “You can’t feature digit match is the more smart match if we hit on the aforementioned thing,” Kirstie said.

After graduating, Kirstie and Kristie organisation on continuing on the aforementioned line as youngness counselors, youngness circumstance coordinators, and directors of penalization at the Word of Faith Family Worship Cathedral. Achieving the denomination of student wasn’t sufficiency for the girls. They also organisation on composition a aggregation with planning tips and emotional a philosophy album.

“We don’t conceive we achieved it supported upon genius, but supported upon strategy,” Kirstie said.

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#regram @whatwouldkarldo #balayage #edwardsandco #blonde #blogger #blog #sydcourist

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Twins to Graduate With Identical Honors – Valedictorian – Yahoo! Music (blog)

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