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The Telegraph reports that the black alarum of al FTO flies “from every the lampposts” in the Asiatic municipality of al Raqqah. More:

In Raqqa, a erst standpat but by every accounts not churchlike city, the boast of al-Qaeda’s Asiatic arm, Jabhat al-Nusra, would seem to be complete.

Little famous a assemblage past but suspected of having existence supported by al-Qaeda in Iraq, they hit grown in stature, directive some of the rebels’ most flourishing past battles. Last period they publically proclaimed their loyalty to al-Qaeda’s dominant leader, Ayman al-Zawahiri.

Drawing in the village square

Drawing in the village square Our first day out, the three of us, drawing in the sunshine together, in the village square. Chatter, cars at our elbow, mothers with prams, sprinklers.. and there we were, lost amongst it all ..on a long bench on the cobbles of a cafe's outdoor tables, mostly empty..everyone peaceful, no one even noticing we were there..... This was the real Gemany, at last..... and I drank it in..and loved it!

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The black alarum flies in Raqqah – Long War Journal

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