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Nearly 50 info jobs module be cut at the metropolis Air National Guard Base. The organisation operates Predator drones.


Photo manner of General Atomics

Texas is among Fortune magazine’s figure states poised to lie the modulation economy.

Staff Austin Business Journal

Texas has snagged a crowning blot among Fortune magazine’s nine states poised to lie the modulation economy and gain the benefits of the godsend in pilotless aircraft.

The Lone Star State ranks No. 3 on the itemize by the Association of Unmanned Vehicle Systems International.

“That’s mostly because, same California, Washington, and Florida, its existing aerospace and accumulation industries are strong,” Fortune writes, nonnegative the land of Texas’ field activity and men is likewise brawny and as a land Texas is evenhandedly cordial to drones.

Other states on the itemize allow California, Washington, Florida, Ohio, Indiana, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Alabama.

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Texas among states poised to lie modulation economy: Fortune – Austin Business Journal

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