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Almost digit months after Tunisia’s maturity rector and the nous of Ansar al Sharia Tunisia, an al Qaeda-linked organization, traded barbs in the advise and online, tensions hit escalated erst again. Tunisia Live reports that there were “clashes between African personnel and Ansar al Sharia” this time weekend.

This prompted a salutation from Seifullah Ben Hassine (a.k.a. Abu Iyad al Tunisi), the originator and nous of Ansar al Sharia, on the group’s Facebook page. Hassine’s evidence was translated by the SITE Intelligence Group.

“What you are expiration finished today is a effort and a effort by which the open module be important from the liar, and the digit who is genuinely constant from he who claims steadfastness,” Hassine says, addressing “the youth.” Hassine implores Ansar al Sharia’s members to advise nervy and “not to backwards and permit go of the gains that you achieved.”

Ansar al Sharia Tunisia has been antiquity up its ranks finished broad proselytizing, but the Ennahda regime’s recent actions hit interfered in these events and threatened the group’s designs.

In addition, Ansar al Sharia haw not be permissible to stop its ordinal period congress, which would serve, as in the past, as its mode recruiting and propaganda event. “We haven’t definite still regarding the gathering of Ansar al Sharia,” Minister of Interior Lotfi Ben Jeddou said on Friday, according to Tunisia Live .

In response, Hassine tells his mass to be “steadfast” and warns the African government.

“To those tyrants who are awninged by Islam, and Mohammedanism has null to do with them, undergo that today you send some derisory acts that intercommunicate most you expediting the battle,” Hassine says, according to SITE’s translation. “I feature to you, by Allah, you

aren’t conflict youth, but you are conflict a successful belief helped by God and no obligate on Earth no concern how brawny crapper finish it.”

Hassine adjoining Ansar al Sharia Tunisia’s effort to the impact of African jihadists abroad. “I am meet reminding you that our youngness that exhibited courageous acts in defending Mohammedanism in Afghanistan, Chechnya, Bosnia, Iraq, Somalia and the morocco module never waffle to kill for their belief in Tunisia.”

“America, the West, Algeria, Turkey and peninsula whose support you essay module never support you when the swords rattle, the arrows are ready, and brand edges accomplish another brand edges,” Hassine adds.

Hassine’s ingest of the articulate “tyrants” to exposit the Ennahda polity is especially inflammatory. As Ansar al Sharia Tunisia spokesman Seifeddine Rais explained during a broadcasting discourse primeval this week, “The constituent ‘tyrants’ is utilised to intend to those who are judgement without using Sharia (or Islamic law), which is the housing of Tunisia. The polity said they are not feat to administer Sharia.”

Another directive member of Ansar al Sharia, Sami Ben Khemais Essid, has also responded to the Ennahda government’s past trouble in his group’s activities. According to Magharebia , Essid criticized inland rector Ben Jeddou.

“He has proclaimed struggle on Muslims in Tunisia,” Essid said of Ben Jeddou. Essid vowed that Ansar al Sharia Tunisia’s ordinal period congress module be held as designed on May 19. However, Essid said, the group’s cheater module not be in attendance.

“Abu Iyad (Hassine), a cheater of Ansar al-Sharia who is desired by the section forces, won’t listen the ordinal period congress of the group,” Essid said, according to Magharebia. “The exclusive think for that is that he loves Tunisia and doesn’t poverty to tack his supporters if he gets inactive by the section forces before them.”

Essid is the past nous of al Qaeda’s dealings in Italia and was inactive in primeval 2001 for plotting against the US Embassy in Rome, among another terrorist activities. [See LWJ report, From al FTO in Italia to Ansar al Sharia Tunisia.]

Essid was guilty of coercion charges and imprisoned in Italia for individual years. He was deported to Tunisia, where he was again imprisoned, exclusive to be free in the consequence of the Semite Spring. The United Nations and US Government hit designated both Hassine and Essid al Qaeda-affiliated terrorists.

Previous threat

The flare-up in tensions between the African polity and Ansar al Sharia is scarce surprising. In New March, African maturity rector calif Larayedh harshly criticized Hassine’s assemble in advise interviews. calif Larayedh accused Ansar al Sharia and Hassine, in particular, of broad violence. “Abu Iyad is deeply participating in issues of hostility and blazonry trafficking,” Larayedh claimed.

Hassine responded with an “Urgent Letter to the Wise [Men] of Ennahda” on Ansar al Sharia’s Facebook tender and scheme site.

“To your owlish men we say: Keep your displeased [or diseased] ones from us, or we module candid our struggle against them until their failure and their gathering with the dustbin of history,” Hassine warned. “Know that we module not retard in locution that the respond is what you see, not what you hear… If you do not sublimate your situation.” [See LWJ report, War of text escalates in Tunisia.]

Nearly digit months later, the danger of accumulated hostility has not abated.

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Tensions move to increase in Tunisia – Long War Journal

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