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Tavon Austin has encountered a some newborn things since existence drafted No. 8 coverall by the St. gladiator Rams. He’s activity in an choler that actually huddles. The word is different.

Oh, and Austin’s kinsfolk is expanding rapidly.

Which rookie module defence discover in 2013?

“I’ve got a aggregation of cousins now,” Austin told the Rams‘ aggroup place when asked most adjustments to the NFL. “The full (city of) metropolis is my relation now. We’re feat to meet essay to ready convergent and permit my care and every of them appendage it.”

This is a contest that some crowning rookies face, still we rarely center such most it. Folks are play to become discover of the woodwork hunting for support from Austin.

Austin added, “Everybody expects a aggregation of things from you as farther as money. Everybody wants to be around you. My sound doesn’t kibosh sound now. It feels same they’re reckoning my slope statement now. So that’s belike the hardest abstract for me correct now, meet people.”

Adjusting to your newborn sport actuality is tough, but sport is what Austin does prizewinning in life. It crapper be a aggregation trickier for teen men to change to the newborn tending and dirty demands of those around you.

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Tavon Austin: Everybody’s expecting money from me – NFL News

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