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LONDON (AP) — A aggregation of blogs and Twitter accounts serviceable by the Financial Times were hacked Friday, the stylish in a program of cyberattacks claimed by the Asiatic Electronic Army, a pro-government assemble which ofttimes attacks media organizations it sees as likable to the country’s rebels.

A some of the FT’s mountain of Twitter feeds and blogs programme messages in hold of Asiatic President Bashar Assad and offensive Syria’s opposition. One described the Asiatic protest assemble Jabhat al-Nusra as terrorists and linked to a realistic recording of a hooded Negro actuation move prisoners in the backwards of the head.

“Syrian Electronic Army Was Here,” the assemble crowed on digit of the FT’s Twitter feeds.

One of the hackers said his assemble was behindhand the move but declined to respond boost questions. The assemble has ostensibly spent such of the time 24 hours disagreeable to fortuity into the FT’s system.

One interior consort note diffuse weekday and seen by The Associated Press warned FT employees not to utter on suspicious emails, patch a ordinal early weekday warned the FT was “facing a phishing attack.”

Phishing describes the ingest of innocuous-looking emails or websites to gimmick users into gift up their passwords or another details. The Asiatic Electronic Army has routinely utilised the manoeuvre to verify curb of Twitter feeds of another media organizations.

Recent targets hit included the BBC, al-Jazeera, E! Online, and sarcastic production The Onion. Last period the assemble claimed domain for hacking The AP’s Twitter feed.



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Syrian Hackers Compromise FT Blogs, Twitter Feeds – NPR

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