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Sweb Development CEO Magaly Chocano is featured in Cosmo Latina.


Sweb Development CEO Magaly Chocano is featured in Cosmo Latina.

In a advise that proves that school women aren’t nerds, San Antonio’s Magaly Chocano is featured in Cosmo Latina this period as digit of the country’s 10 Fun Fearless Latinas.

Her picture runs incoming to NBC programme fix Natalie Morales and actress Michelle Rodriguez.

“I am so agog to be constituted alongside these another awful women,” Chocano says. “It makes me chesty equal every the super-hard employed women in every industries — but especially those in technology. It is not an cushy road. I wish my digit girls and every girls wager that anything crapper be done.”

Magazines are on understanding in stores now.

A flushed furnishings circumstance module be held in New royalty City in a some weeks.

Chocano, 39, is CEO and originator of Sweb Development — a San Antonio-based digital authority that builds ambulatory apps and websites and more. Sweb has more than 300 ambulatory apps on the mart and more than 30 CMS websites.

Chocano was reputable as digit of the San Antonio Business Journal’s 2012 40Under40 winners.

This is Cosmo Latina’s prototypal Fun Fearless Latina contest. It honors women who are positively impacting the lives of others.

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Sweb CEO featured in Cosmo Latina entrepot – San Antonio Business Journal (blog)

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