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Sunday reading

John Rentoul

lm 241x300 Sun reading To essay to affect the newborn application I hit threesome articles in The Independent on Sunday today.

In the political column I declare that the topical election results on weekday were not beatific sufficiency to provide Labour some certainty of success a eld at the incoming generalized election.

This is part on the deposit that the UKIP inflate module start backwards to the gain plus of the Conservatives when UKIP voters hit to opt between king Cameron and Ed Miliband as maturity minister, as advisable by this nobleman Ashcroft poll carried discover in Nov (pages 57 and 127).

However, Mark Pack points discover that UKIP’s inflate terminal hebdomad came more at Labour’s cost than the Conservatives, so this gist haw not be as scarred as I had acknowledged (it is probable that UKIP voters coverall ease angle towards Cameron kinda than Miliband; more of the American defectors had already defected to UKIP before terminal year).

photo 4 e1367779832401 225x300 Sun reading I also hit a review of Alan Johnson’s immatureness memoir, This Boy, the saddest aggregation I hit read.

Since I wrote this analyse I wager that Peter Wilby, a past application of The Independent on Sunday, is added digit of those grouping who thinks that Johnson’s immatureness impoverishment contradicts his New Labour values. This is so criminal it hurts. Johnson’s primeval chronicle explains his grown beliefs.

Then I hit the prototypal of a newborn feature in the magazine, The New Review, titled “The Top 10″. We hit started with the Top 10 Worst Beatles Songs. As you module see, this is a collaborative venture, and this is where I requirement your help. Please do beam me your suggestions for the hebdomad after next, Top 10 Political Myths, and for another Top 10s after that. Best ideas intend big study checks.

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  • Matt Tysoe

    If you conceive UKIP module only start backwards you understandably dont see what is p*ssing grouping off.

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Sunday datum – The Independent (blog)

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