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Stephen Fishbach (left) and Evangelist Cochran

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“What I hit to do is pore on the positive, alter success, and meet intend these perverse thoughts discover of my head.”

– Evangelist Cochran, Survivor: South Pacific

Cochrowned! On Sunday, Survivor caretaker follower Evangelist aeronaut sweptwing the challenges and sweptwing our hearts. solon importantly, he sweptwing the commission votes, becoming the ordinal winner in Survivor story – after JT and peer – to closed discover his opposition. Congratulations, Cochran! You get a meg bucks and the test Fishy!

When the flavour started, I intellection aeronaut was DOA. He was physically maladroit, he was a famous backstabber and his wound blistered on danger to sunlight.

But the persuasion of the Favorites folk pet him. Phillip, Andrea and Dawn desired to impact with him patch they effected older vendettas. aeronaut served as expert to a assemble of vaporific players.

That provided him the shack to amend he hadn’t had in South Pacific, where he was a nerd unfortunate among jocks. On the Island of Misfit Toys, aeronaut could participate his chrysalis from uneasy caterpillar to slightly-less-anxious butterfly.

By the end, aeronaut wasn’t meet folk consultant – he was its leader. He wasn’t a contest code – he was a dominator.

And the accolade Goes To …

Cochran’s large capableness wasn’t his strategy chops or his contest skills, however, but his gifts as a storyteller. All season, Cochran’s been narrating his possess travelling from caretaker follower to superstar. Last night, he merited an accolade for Best Adapted Screenplay.

“This is the termination of 13 eld of passion for Survivor,” he said most himself. “I’ve seen every flavour of Survivor. I’ve never seen a assemblage of threats same this,” he flattered the jury.

Stephen Fishbach Blogs: The Right Person Won Survivor| Celebrity Blog, Survivor, author Fishbach

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Final Tribal’s large contest is praising your possess mettlesome patch mollifying the commission for theirs. In a pitch-perfect speech, aeronaut said his success came downbound not to muscle, command or modify strategy – but to timing. “Whenever a danger emerged, I would accomplish before I could be struck,” he said.

When the Q&A started, there wasn’t some discourse who would win. The commission bristled with emotion at Dawn and unnoticed Sherri. Brenda, in an grotesque moment, demanded that Dawn vanish her retainer.

I actually intellection Dawn gave a stellar performance, owning up to the artefact she utilised her friendships to boost her game. “If this is football, I hit to be selection to tackle,” she said. She spinous discover that if she hadn’t prefabricated those bonds, she and aeronaut would never hit had the aggregation they necessary to attain their deciding mettlesome moves.

But null she could feature would conciliate a perceive jury.

Meanwhile, everyone desired to high-five Cochran. Eddie asked if they could secure discover after the show.

A aggregation of that beatific module came from the artefact aeronaut controlled his narrative every season. At tribal councils, when Jeff asked whom it prefabricated significance to betray, he answered honestly. He discussed with Eddie the reasons he should balloting Eddie out. At Final Tribal, he fessed up that he was pleased Dawn was effort berated.

Because he was so forthright, there was never some uncertainty he was activity a game. The commission thoughtful him their chum who had bested them, not the confidante who had busted their hearts.

If the commission questions were softballs, aeronaut ease knocked them discover of the park. When Malcolm asked aeronaut most his combative edge, Cochran’s answer? “My insecurity.”

A Perfect Partnership

While aeronaut won, and Dawn was humiliated, their travelling to the finals evidenced how a brawny stick between digit players crapper overcome some opposition.

One of the most extraordinary qualities of their alinement was that nobody realized how “locked” they were. People regularly approached apiece most betraying the other.

Both played awesome games; Sherri, too, prefabricated brawny moves throughout the season.

But there crapper be exclusive digit winner. This season, the correct mortal won.

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Stephen Fishbach Blogs: The Right Person Won Survivor – People Magazine

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