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John Cochran; Andrea Boehlke

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“It’s a lowercase hornlike to be experience with grouping for 32 life and hit these relationships and what you conceive is trust, and then encounter discover they’ve been misrepresentaation to you the whole time!” – Andrea Boehlke, Redemption Island

We’ve been inactivity for this time every season. With antagonists Malcolm and Reynold twirling their mustachios from the commission bench, the remnants of Stealth R Us hit to invoke on apiece other. For 33 days, the Favorites hit coasted in their cushy majority, kept in lockstep by Phillip’s continual drumbeat. With exclusive heptad players left, who module verify the reins?

The program came downbound to an unhostile noesis effort between aeronaut and Andrea. aeronaut wants to protect his bestie Dawn and secure he’s conception of every alliance. Andrea wants to ready her pupil behave Eddie and verify discover the lovable Brenda.

The actual battle, however, is which of these digit strategists module appearance the test three.

Who you grappling at the finals is as essential as how substantially you played yourself. It doesn’t concern how some magnificent moves you prefabricated if the person to your left is meet a taste more likeable.

Moreover, the grouping you ordered incoming to are conception of the news you’re telling. There’s a bounteous disagreement if you’re in the finals with the ally you dragged to the end – or the underdog you couldn’t stop.

By preparing for the last now, aeronaut and Andrea are display admirable foresight. But exclusive digit of them crapper win.

For Whom the Boehlke Tolls

Andrea came into the flavour fearless to intend discover of the dominate of Beantown Rob. She hated existence dubbed digit of “Rob’s Zombies.” In response, she overplayed. She was more agog by bounteous moves than enduring strategy.

Did you attending the artefact she grabbed the unseeable image from Erik’s hand? aeronaut claimed Erik “gave” it to her, but to my eyes it looked same narrow theft. The time was nonliteral for her whole season. Too battleful – and rattling cushy to notice. She desired every the noesis in her hands, but erst it was there, she didn’t undergo how to ingest it.

Take, for example, how she “casually” brings up the intent to ready Eddie. “We” crapper curb him, she tells Cochran. By “we,” though, she understandably effectuation “I.” And ground declare a blindside of either Dawn or Brenda, instead of meet choosing one? She shows she’s selection to invoke on anybody – not the prizewinning calibre in an ally.

Did Andrea rattling emotion Brenda as a threat, or did she subconsciously poverty to be the exclusive artful girl? Earlier this season, Andrea targeted Corinne for the mend evildoing of dalliance with Malcolm. Watch out, ladies of Survivor 37: Andrea vs. saint Savage!

Revenge of the Nerd

Cochran, on the another hand, knows just how to blindside someone. He tells Brenda and Dawn that Andrea’s discover to intend them. Then they end to verify her out.

I’ve never been more impressed by aeronaut than with his stone-faced action at Tribal Council. aeronaut knows that Andrea has hair-trigger paranoia and an image in her pocket. When Jeff asks him most her idol, he knows digit articulate could ordered her off.

But Cochran’s respond is perfect. He offers up that Andrea exclusive has a some tribals mitt to endeavor her idol. Superficially, it’s a chanceful abstract to say. It reminds Andrea that if she senses some danger, she strength as substantially endeavor the image now. But because it raises much a chanceful individual so cavalierly, it has the oppositeness gist of calming Andrea.

Imagine if aeronaut had insisted that Andrea wasn’t in some danger. That could hit been a flushed flag.

Cochran wins the Fishy this hebdomad for his amend answers to Jeff’s inquiring questions. By attractive discover Andrea, he also eliminates his large threat.

But is he today the game’s #1 target?

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Stephen Fishbach Blogs: How Cochran’s Blindside Left Andrea Out – People Magazine

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