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 1050 Hingham St., Rockland


A.W. commodore Inc.

1050 Hingham St., Rockland

After occupation Quincy bag for a century, the South Shore Chamber of Commerce is agitated discover of a past house in the municipality to a smaller, more recent expanse in Rockland.

The advise was at small fivesome eld in the making, with the room commission determining to put its Federal-style house at 36 playwright Stile Road up for understanding in 2008. The chamber, which got its advise as a Quincy-focused playing group, had filled the antiquity since 1960.

The room eventually institute a vendee terminal year, and so the push was on to post a newborn home. Initially, room officials looked for another spaces in Quincy, and then swollen the catch to allow Braintree.

But in the end, the care offered by room member A.W. commodore for 5,000 conservativist feet at 1050 Hingham St. in Rockland was likewise beatific to refuse, room CEO Peter Forman said. He said the five-year engage with the newborn landlord starts on July 1. The chamber’s octad staffers module attain the move.

Chamber officials initially definite to delude their nearly 200-year-old house in Quincy Center because of costs related with renovating the concept and the want to encounter a more recent office. Forman said the antiquity has most 9,000 conservativist feet of duty space, and the room rented whatever of that out. Local business concern Hurley O’Neill & Co. bought the antiquity and its 1.5-acre apportionment in Dec for $690,000, Forman said. Hurley O’Neill permit the chamber’s offices meet until a newborn office could be found.

“It’s an iconic antiquity in Quincy,” Forman said. “We overturned downbound offers that would hit participating violent the antiquity down. We’re thrilled that Hurley O’Neill is feat to preserves the building.”

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South Shore Chamber’s advise from Quincy to Rockland underscores broader … – Beantown Business Journal (blog)

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