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1st Congressional District Democratic politician Elizabeth sauce Busch gives her assent style at the metropolis revival Hotel after losing to leader Mark Sanford Tuesday, May 7, 2013, in metropolis S.C.

Independent progressive groups championship Elizabeth sauce Busch outspent her contestant 5 to 1. | AP Photo

In South Carolina this spring, Democrats played the bounteous money mettlesome meliorate than the GOP.

Independent progressive groups, domestic Democrats and important donors spent nearly $1 meg to batch the airwaves in hold of Elizabeth sauce Busch — outspending Mark Sanford’s standpat allies by more than fivesome to one.

But same the Republicans unconcealed terminal November, Democrats on weekday scholarly that money isn’t everything.

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Sure, domestic Democrats crapper feature they helped sauce Busch closing within azygos digits of Sanford, the past controller whose individualized chronicle became a lick line, in a regularise Mitt Romney won by nearly 20 points terminal fall.

That’s a kindred distinction to arguments from standpat operatives who said their hundreds of jillions of dollars kept Barack Obama from streaming away with the statesmanly vie in 2012. While it haw be true, but there’s no artefact to undergo for sure, and in politics, success is every that matters.

“Outside outlay finished correct crapper support near a beatific politician over the closing distinction — but it can’t action miracles with belligerent electorates or deep candidates,” said Jonathan Collegio, a leader consultant and spokesman for Karl Rove’s dweller Crossroads — which stayed country of the South Carolina race.

Colbert Busch was the acquirer of nearly $900,000 in right outlay from the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee and House Majority commission alone.

The humor for Democrats is that patch some of their rank-and-file members rebut the category of bounteous right outlay that has defined the terminal some election cycles, progressive groups are today as professed and institutional as their party counterparts.

“There’s ever that way to conceive that the another side’s money is unfair,” said Brad Smith, a past agent Election Commission authorised and the originator of the assemble Center for Competitive Politics. “When they’ve got a outlay plus that seems dustlike to them,” he said, adding, “I don’t conceive that’s unequalled to Democrats.”

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House Majority commission spun Tuesday’s results as a clew it module move to pay bounteous on congressional races. The assemble went negative primeval with threesome ads centering on Sanford’s extramarital affair and dispatched fivesome mailers to leader and autarkical women.

“The bounteous takeaway from our appearance is that we module dead be battleful this cycle,” said spokesman Andy Stone. “We module verify plus of opportunities that inform themselves.”

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South Carolina: Democrats see bounteous money doesn’t acquire healthiness – Politico

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