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Los Angeles, California

By Mario Anzuoni

Cinqo de Mayo, realty for the ordinal of May, commemorates the Mexican army’s 1862 conclusion over author at the Battle of Puebla.

Living in Los Angeles, there are whatever structure this fellow is celebrated. One of them in portion attracted my tending this year. It was the Lucha VaVoom, a exhibit of Lucha Libre Mexican grappling and Burlesque performances at the Indian building in Los Angeles.


I was rattling intrigued by the story. Although I didn’t undergo what to expect, I was agog to verify a look into the concern of the “Luchadores” for digit evening. The Luchadores are nearly same caretaker heroes of the ring; they dress costumes, they hit edit pridefulness names, and most importantly they dress masks to conceal their identity. I knew that likewise capturing the fights I desired to represent how they educate mentally and intend into the regularize before their performances.

I had to be a control on the wall, and most importantly be diplomatical to conceal their identity, meet same you would with a caretaker hero. My prototypal kibosh was of instruction backstage. As I navigated ended I detected dancers, performers, and, in the most far area, the compartment shack where the Luchadores were effort ready. The region was exciting, meet what you would wait before a grappling fight. They exercised, they stretched, they immobile their costumes, of instruction they were act their masks. Discretely I walked around and prefabricated whatever photos, and directly and not surprisingly, I realized that despite the costumes and the masks, this was earnest playing to them. It should be when you move 15 feet into the expose to realty on your adversary.

Before I knew it, it was showtime. The building was oversubscribed out, the gathering was effervescent, the fervour was perceptible in the rapturous and festive audience, and it exclusive got wilder when the announcer started noisy the obloquy of the prototypal Luchadores. As the gathering got louder and I positioned myself ringside, I could meet center a section mortal warning me to check discover for the Luchadores air discover of the ring; the visuals and the vigor exceeded my expectations, these guys, and gals, were leaping, flipping, air in midair, and meet as I was warned, they brought their fights soured the ring, into the conference and backwards to the ring, providing me with the prizewinning picture of the period of digit of the Luchadores dauntlessly bound into the crowd.

The exhibit ended after threesome fights and a some Burlesque intermissions. I mitt with a renewed approval for the Luchadores.


IMG_6155 2013-05-11 員工旅遊到新竹桃園旅遊

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Showtime at the Lucha Libre grappling – Reuters Bharat (blog)

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