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It took meet digit enthusiastic hit garner to place V. Srinivasan on crowning of the heavy-machinery facet in this year’s Asia’s Best Analysts survey.

Mr. Srinivasan of falls Broking Ltd. had stop ratings on heptad stocks during 2012 and buys on meet one, JK Lakshmi Cement Ltd.

But his calls on that hit returned more than 250% in 2012, more than sufficiency to attain him a winner.

In 2011, most continent markets lapse and the best-performing analysts were the ones who were brave sufficiency to attain opportune delude calls. But in 2012—as every 11 markets included in The Wall Street Journal’s Asia’s Best Analysts analyse recovered—timely acquire calls on outperformers same Mr. Srinivasan’s led to success.

The Asia’s Best Analysts analyse is fashioned to verify investors which analysts did the prizewinning employ production success stocks in their sectors or countries. The analyse hierarchical analysts by the returns generated by their buy, delude and stop calls. The findings display threesome crowning analysts apiece for 11 countries and territories and regional winners for 21 mart sectors. Analysts’ scores are premeditated supported on their calls—correct acquire or delude calls acquire constructive credit; no points are presented for stop calls.

The survey, today in its ordinal year, swollen to allow Indonesia, and today has more than 1,900 analysts from 158 firms compared with 1,500 analysts from 129 firms terminal year.

Winners were designated supported on accumulation collective by FactSet, a U.S. mart accumulation consort that tracks analysts’ recommendations and earnings estimates. To be eligible, analysts had to hit followed at diminutive fivesome stocks in an playing group, or land or territory, during whatever threesome calendar lodging of 2012 and at diminutive quaternary stocks in the remaining quarter.

Among the firms in the 2012 survey, whatever bounteous obloquy did well. UBS

led the arrange with the most winners, followed by DBS Vickers. But the analyse also highlights analysts at diminutive firms much as Kantilal Chhaganlal of Bharat or Thailand’s Bualuang Securities. Of its 92 analysts who eligible for the survey, UBS had heptad winners in fivesome countries and regions.

Overall, exclusive sextet of the 88 winners in the 2012 analyse also prefabricated the 2011 winners list. Among them was Harish Bihani, succeeder of the utilities facet in 2011 and 2012. “The info of continual success calls is to pore on the process, not the outcome, and existence disciplined, especially during periods of mart excesses,” he said.

What ordered whatever of the success analysts unconnected from the rest was a lowercase taste of player legwork and digging.

Kaitav monarch of Mumbai-based Anand Rathi Securities started hunting at diminutive Amerindic banks in 2010, when large banks were attracting most of investors’ attention. Mr. Shah, who was the crowning banking shrink this year, detected whatever diminutive banks were gaining mart deal from large state-run banks by targeting small loans and processing them more quickly.

“These banks endowed in expanding branches, hired old grouping from large state-run players. In a way, they endowed in antiquity the future,” said the 29-year-old analyst.

His prizewinning call of the assemblage was a yearlong acquire on Mangalore-based Karnataka Bank Ltd.

—which returned 162% in 2012, outpacing the criterion Sensex’s 26% uprise and the 54% acquire in the banking facet index. The hit was the prizewinning entertainer among 41 traded banks in the country.

Likewise, on-the-ground investigate gave an bounds to real-estate analysts same DBS Vickers’s Carol Wu and Chen Geng of Phillip Securities in Shanghai. Governments were disagreeable to modify the Asiatic and Hong Kong real-estate markets, so Ms. Wu and Mr. Chen went on the agency to judge the impact.

They were impressed by Shimao Property Holdings Ltd.,

which was restructuring its playing and cloudy prices to keeps income and change line up. Both rated it a buy—Ms. Wu in New March and Mr. Chen in primeval April. Later, the consort reportable a 58% process in income during the prototypal half of the year, outpacing most of its peers. Its shares gained 81% from Apr finished the modify of the year, patch shares of Asiatic developers chromatic an cipher 22% during the period.

The garner helped Ms. Wu acquire the crowning shrink honor in Hong Kong, patch Mr. Chen captured the crowning interval in both mainland China and in the real-estate sector.

For another analysts, ownership a near receptor on stocks and responding apace was important. Two-thirds of this year’s facet winners prefabricated more changes to their ratings than nonwinning analysts.

Thailand-based shrink Preeyanun Tripetchchuporn, also of Phillip Securities, denaturized her recommendations on CP All PCL,

the cause of Thailand’s 7-Eleven stores, heptad nowadays finished the year, a advise that helped her getting gains and refrain losses on a hit that returned 80% in the year.

CP All fresh prefabricated a $6.6 1000000000 effort for topical discount-store concern Siam Makro


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