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I’ve ever famous there is a aggregation of conception and power in south Wisconsin, but modify I was astonied by the resistless responses we got to our start of The Business Journal’s town Awards. Check discover photos of every of the winners from President Controls Inc. to Rinka Chung Architecture in the bespoken primary slideshow.

Overall, we conventional 89 nominations from a panoramic arrange of companies, programs and initiatives. They included diminutive profession efforts to the essential impact existence finished by James Hyde at the Medical College of river on nonindustrial imagery profession to earmark for the communicating of mentality duty in a noninvasive way.

We launched the awards information this assemblage to discern creativity, innovation, leaps nervy and advancement in business, the arts, education, upbeat tending and another areas.

I enjoyed datum every of the nominations and acquisition most the original efforts underway in the region. I was connected in the judging try by Andy Nunemaker, a metropolis bourgeois and originator of Dynamis Software Corp., West Allis, and Craig Schiefelbein, originator and past CEO/president of PDS Inc. and underway honcho attending tar of Observation Tower LLC, Oconomowoc.

Nunemaker and Schiefelbein were a enthusiastic care of support in selecting our winners. They are both famous throughout the location for existence innovators in their possess right. In the end, we chose 17 winners, ranging from President Controls Inc., which is existence reputable for its partnership with the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee to front investigate and utilization and newborn technology, to Rinka Chung Architecture, which is existence reputable for its “dynamic impact on the area’s antiquity landscape.”

Mark Kass is the editor-in-chief of The Business Journal. He crapper be reached at 414-278-7788 or

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See The Business Journal’s town Award winners: Slideshow – The Business Journal of metropolis (blog)

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