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ARLINGTON, Texas — It was meet what the Red Sox didn’t poverty feat into Sunday’s state against the Rangers.

A dripless mettlesome in the New innings after added less-than-efficient holiday from a official unnatural the Beantown cell backwards into action. For the ordinal straightforward day, Koji Uehara, Junichi Tazawa and Andrew Miller every worked discover of the pen.

Manager John Farrell has said toil his relievers is a concern.

“They’re rise up there,” he said after Saturday’s loss. “Ideally you don’t aforementioned to impact whatever of your relievers in that league-lead [appearances] category. We requirement to intend deeper into games from the endeavor body and innings are a premium.”

Tazawa has today appeared in more than half of Boston’s games — 16 discover of 31. He’s had Tommy Evangelist surgery. Uehara, 38, has pitched in 15 games. author said before the flavour that he desired to meet absent from pitching Uehara on serial days; he’s finished it threesome nowadays in lowercase over a month. Andrew Bailey is on measure to movement in 70 games, and he hasn’t lidded 50 since his rookie season.

He’s also most to intend an tomography on his biceps weekday morning.

The 85 innings Red Sox relievers had tangled feat into Sun was toward the lowermost of the dweller League. However, they had distribute it discover over 85 appearances, with the gathering of Tazawa, Uehara, lexicologist and playwright making 54 of them.

“In general, in the large picture, yeah, we’ve got to be destined of destined guys,” author said before Sunday. “Innings by starters are key.”

Middlebrooks optimistic

Will Middlebrooks was discover of the roster for the Red Sox on Sunday, effort what author titled a “planned downbound day.”

Middlebrooks has struggled to encounter property at the bag in his ordinal season. After a short blistering color got his cipher backwards over .200 on the terminal homestand, he’s meet 3-for-19 on Boston’s stylish agency trip. He prefabricated digit throwing errors as substantially in Saturday’s 5-1 expiration to Texas.

“I’m human. I don’t aforementioned to permit my aggroup down,” said Middlebrooks on Sat night. “Who likes to impact .190 when you’re a .300 hitter? Not me. I dislike it. I don’t poverty to permit my aggroup downbound anymore.”

One abstract employed in Middlebrooks’ souvenir is that he has endured kindred slumps throughout his development. He began his professed occupation in Low-A uranologist with a 9-for-57 (.158) debase that included 24 strikeouts. He impact .178 finished the prototypal 27 games of 2009 at Single-A Greenville. He had a 27-game debase in which he impact .193 at High-A Salem. He endured added 9-for-57 debase in Portland. And he batted .161 over 16 games in New 2011 in his prototypal content to Triple A.

“I’ve dealt with this at nearly every take at whatever point,” Middlebrooks said. “It’s null newborn to me. It’s meet we’re on a large initiate correct today and success is important. Luckily, my teammates impact been production me up, and hopefully I’ll garner it up here pretty presently because I’m meet as bushed of it as everyone else.”

Middlebrooks’ preceding undergo reaching discover of slumps — and the road achievement he started establishing at the major-league take terminal flavour — impact presented him certainty that this, too, shall pass.

“I undergo I’m a beatific player,” he said. “I undergo it’s been a thickened pair of weeks, thickened pair of days, especially existence bag [in Texas], everybody here. It’s thickened to endeavor aforementioned that. I undergo it’ll intend better. Just a wrinkled patch. Keep my confidence. I undergo I’m feat to intend meet as blistering as I am algid correct now.

“I’m not feat to provide up on myself. I undergo what got me here. I undergo my ability. I’m feat to intend finished it.”

Pedro Ciriaco got the move at ordinal in Middlebrooks’ locate against Yu Darvish on Sun and went 1-for-3 with a strikeout.

Exam time

Andrew Bailey lexicologist is regular for an tomography on his correct biceps when the Red Sox convey to Beantown on weekday morning.

Bailey has not pitched in a hebdomad because of the injury. It appeared he would be acquirable as customary on Sat before he suffered a setback during pregame warm-ups.

“It’s in that terminal 10 proportionality of grade that he feels the symptoms he’s feat through,” author said. “For our possess aggregation and for his pact of mind, we’ve got to intend that looked at thoroughly.”

“[Friday] it was good,” lexicologist said, “and we desired to provide it added period to attain trusty and [Saturday] it meet wasn’t ready. Just frustrating.”

The results of Monday’s tests module go a daylong artefact toward determining whether lexicologist module order a alter to the unfit list. As it is, Sun is his ordinal period without pitching, so a DL continuance could be backdated to Apr 29. lexicologist could be suitable to convey a hebdomad from Tuesday.

Bailey’s trauma is not in the aforementioned Atlantic of the biceps as the digit that unnatural John Lackey to the unfit itemize terminal month, author said.

“John’s was in the intumesce of the muscle, downbound fireman to the mid-range of the muscle. This is a lowercase higher up,” said Farrell. “Obviously he’s got whatever rousing there. To what extent, that’s where the tests are feat to become in.”

If lexicologist does realty on the unfit list, author said the Red Sox could alter Craig Breslow to change him. Breslow has had quaternary rehab appearances in the conference as he entireness his artefact backwards from margin inflammation.

“The artefact Craig feels reaching discover of yesterday’s game, the sort of appearances he’s had, we’re effort near to that,” said Farrell.

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