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A amount of threesome companies submitted bids for a authorise for a cards in Prince George’s County by Friday’s 2 p.m. deadline, the Colony Lottery Facility Location Commission confirmed.

Here are the three, along with whatever details, free by the Commission New Friday:

MGM Resorts International (NYSE: MGM), which is proposing an $800 meg hotel and casino with 3,600 interval machines and 140 plateau games at National Harbor resort. It paying a authorise gift of $21.6 million.

• Greenwood Racing, which wants to physique an $800 meg hotel and casino with 4,760 interval machines and 170 plateau games at the crossing of Amerindic Head Highway and Old Fort Road in Fort Washington. It paying a $28.5 meg authorise fee., and

• Quaker National Gaming (NASDAQ: PENN), which planned a $700 meg hotel and casino with 500 interval machines and 140 plateau games in Fort Washington, at Rosecroft Raceway. It paying a $3 meg authorise fee.

The gift is supported on the sort of interval machines and plateau games apiece cards cause proposed.

The Lottery Facility Location Commission, headlike by Greater metropolis Committee CEO Donald C. Fry, module end who gets the license. The assemble has said it expects to attain a selection in December.

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Prince George’s County has threesome cards contenders – metropolis Business Journal

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