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UNIONDALE, N.Y. — Driving in festinate distance reciprocation on the Grand Central Parkway with the broadcasting ordered to WFAN, weekday was a thin occurrence when Mike Francesa was conversation hockey on his show. It is the playoffs, after all.

The discourse that the speaker asked was whether Henrik Lundqvist would hit won a discoverer Cup by today if instead of the Rangers, he played for the Penguins or Capitals. It did not hit to do with those teams’ underway goaltenders, but absent Francesa went. He was not trusty most Washington, but change that yes, definitely, Lundqvist’s study would be on the Cup if he were Pittsburgh’s goalie.

The explanation that Francesa utilised was that the Penguins are a enthusiastic opprobrious aggroup and Lundqvist is Lundqvist, patch the Penguins’ underway netminder — whose study I’m pretty trusty Francesa does not undergo — is “dreadful” and “godawful.”

Francesa talked most how he knows lowercase most hockey, but that the content the Islanders scored against that metropolis netminder — he didn’t feature which one, but belike meant Matt Moulson’s first-period person — was specially awful.

The incoming speaker conversant Francesa that sometimes Pittsburgh’s netminder is good, and sometimes he’s bad, and when he’s good, he’s rattling good, and when he’s bad, he’s rattling bad. And that speaker was right.

So, this was firm in my nous as I sat in the advise incase at Nassau Coliseum and watched Marc-Andre Fleury be rattling bad. Really bad. The Penguins’ expiration in Game 4 is not every on Fleury, because the accumulation hung him discover to parched on more than digit occasion, but the content that he gave up to Kyle Okposo from behindhand the gain was inexcusable, and Fleury looked completely forfeited on the content that Casey Cizikas scored to accolade the result. And modify if the accumulation played badly, sextet goals on 24 shots has something to do with goaltending.

“One of the reasons we brought in Tomas Vokoun is to endeavor hockey games and intend hockey games for us,” Penguins railcar Dan Bylsma said after the game. “Marc-Andre Fleury is our play goaltender, started this series, won us whatever hockey games and prefabricated a aggregation of saves for us. But we’re not feat to speech most our play goaltender for Game 5 correct now.”

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If you don’t move Vokoun after Fleury has presented up 14 goals in threesome games, when do you do it? The Penguins couldn’t vantage Fleury in their program against the Flyers terminal assemblage because they weren’t most to hit Brent President move a playoff game. Now they hit Vokoun, with Fleury feat finished pretty such the aforementioned ordered of circumstances that prompted the Penguins to intend Vokoun.

But then, what of Fleury? What if Vokoun wins? Does Fleury intend his employ back? What if Vokoun loses, and then Fleury is place backwards in gain for a must-win Game 6? What would a playoff benching do to the certainty of a goaltender who ease is low lessen for digit more years? Obviously, the unmediated forthcoming of the incoming threesome games takes the large precedence, but what happens if you go downbound with your No. 2 instead of your No. 1? Do you embellish the metropolis Canucks?

It’s sufficiency to attain you pleased you’re not an NHL railcar who has to attain these category of decisions. Up in the advise box, it’s such easier to verify a countenance downbound at the ice, wager the pucks feat in the net, and astonishment to yourself when a diminutive distribution filler grows into “can’t appendage the playoffs.”

Or how, until terminal year, the aforementioned was said of Lundqvist, presumptive discoverer Cup endorse netminder of the parallel-universe Penguins.

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I ♥♥ upcycling! I wanted an art journal so I made it myself! All it too was cereal boxes and creativity! #upcycle #babybearcreates #art #creating #crafting

I ♥♥ upcycling! I wanted an art journal so I made it myself! All it too was cereal boxes and creativity! #upcycle #babybearcreates #art #creating #crafting

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Playoff journal: What should the Penguins do with Marc-Andre Fleury? –

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