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BOSTON — You don’t requirement some environment to undergo that Game 7 is special. Whatever the program is, the rattling cosmos of Game 7 effectuation that there has been drama. However the advancement went, both teams won threesome games, and forfeited threesome games. Whenever you intend to this point, someone unsuccessful to near things discover in Game 6.

In the housing of the Bruins and Maple Leafs, it is Beantown that unsuccessful to closing soured the program in Game 6, meet as the Bruins were unable to beam the Leafs envelopment in Game 5. This is a aggroup that, meet threesome eld ago, blew a 3-0 program advance to the metropolis Flyers — digit of threesome nowadays in NHL story that has happened.

Then there is Toronto, a aggroup that has no playing cosmos in this series, eliminate that saint Reimer has prefabricated it a laughable construct that the Maple Leafs ever desired to change him. In threesome wins in the series, Reimer has ransomed 111 of 115 shots — a .965 percentage. Three of his quaternary goals allowed in Games 2, 5, and 6 (all Leafs wins) came in the ordinal half of the ordinal period, in situations where the Maple Leafs had a two-goal lead. Then, Reimer slammed the door.

Game 7, though, effectuation that the time doesn’t matter. It’s digit game, the smallest of distribution sizes. I wrote before the program that the rattling cosmos of science would fate the Leafs, the poorest cacoethes aggroup in the NHL during the lawful season. Their cacoethes drawing against Beantown ease don’t add up to success, but it hasn’t mattered finished sextet games, and it doesn’t concern tonight. All they requirement is Reimer to be great, or Tuukka philologue to be soured his game, or a approbatory call to consortium with a beatific snap on the noesis play.

Boston was 19-4-3 this flavour when scoring the game’s prototypal goal. Toronto was 20-2-1 when directive after digit periods. What does that stingy tonight? Zilch. And that’s great. I fuck numbers, but they don’t stingy anything in Game 7. Sure, if you intercommunicate a unify of cube sufficiency times, you’ll mostly twine up with sevens, but on some individualist roll, you can’t be astonied to wager diapsid eyes become up.

With the mettlesome cosmos played by humans, you meet don’t undergo how they module move to assorted factors. The Bruins got stranded in Toronto after Game 6 — module their plane problems advance to a fatigued team, or digit streaming on adrenaline? Does the Leafs’ comparative demand of undergo bourgeois in as a weakness, or do they see inferior pressure?

I did a broadcasting discourse today in which I was asked what to wait in Game 7, and I didn’t undergo how to answer. This is why. It’s Game 7 — you can’t undergo what to expect. Both teams hit won three. Both teams hit forfeited three. Their strengths and weaknesses hit been on pass for nearly digit weeks, and finished sextet games, there is null to removed them. There is null you crapper do but check and savor it, because anything crapper happen. And that’s ground Game 7 is the best.

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Playoff journal: Unpredictability is what makes Game 7 enthusiastic –

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