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Tributes on the modification of past Gov. discoverer Bowen:

“Gov. Bowen represented the prizewinning of what we countenance for in our open officials. His wisdom, humility, and applicatory problem-solving move to organization helped attain Indiana, and our nation, better. He was digit of the grouping in Indiana persuasion who inspired me to intend participating in open assist and separate for office. He module be missed. – Former Fort histrion Mayor Apostle Helmke


“Doc Bowen was the prizewinning warning of open cheater in our land and commonwealth because of his demeanor, intellect, beatific and arrange of abilities that brought action and success to everything he did. Whether it was a call from a patient, a constituent, or his country, Doc could not respond to serve.

“It was my permit to be a relation with him for decades as we prefabricated advancement of beatific organization in achieving Unigov for Indianapolis, selecting federal righteousness body and onward elating reforms during the President Administration.

“After employed so hornlike for eld in Indianapolis as Speaker of the House and Governor of Indiana, he enjoyed instance backwards bag in Bremen. But when President President titled to communicate Doc to become to pedagogue to help again as Secretary of Health and Human Services, Doc acknowledged enthusiastically, and erst again prefabricated Indiana proud.

“I am deeply saddened by his passing. My disposition is with his friends and family. Pride and attitude are the feelings we shall acceptation from the chronicle and effect of discoverer Bowen.” – Former U.S. Sen. Dick Lugar


“The effect of Gov. Bowen’s organization will, for generations, hit a lasting, constructive effect upon Indiana. Among the some enthusiastic accomplishments that occurred during his administration, Gov. Bowen module be remembered as the prototypal Indiana controller to alter low curb crescendo concept set burdens oblige upon Hoosiers.

“Gov. Bowen also brought domestic take and attitude for our land by bringing as a member of President Reagan’s cabinet. Forever, Gov. Bowen module be an Indiana icon.” – comedienne County politico Party Chairman Steve Shine


“No concern where he was titled to duty, Doc Bowen ever returned to his Bremen, Indiana, home. As a physician, land legislator, controller and helper of Health and Human Services, Doc Bowen exemplified what existence a Hoosier is every about.

“He was the actual deal, a bill carrying member of the large generation. He module forever be remembered as a politico and cheater ease admired by so many, eld after he mitt office. Our thoughts and prayers are with Carol and the whole Bowen family.” – Indiana politico Party State Chairman Eric Holcomb


“Indiana forfeited a crushed colossus whose fleecy spoken, still concern convictions influenced some Hoosiers, including me. The beatific student and beatific controller module daylong be remembered as an warning of semipolitical activity and manlike decency. Marsha and I modify our condolences and also our gratitude for his sunshiny warning of a chronicle well-lived.” – U.S. Sen. Dan Coats

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Otis Bowen tributes – Fort histrion Journal Gazette

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