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San Francisco City Attorney Dennis Herrera sued Monster Beverage Corp. in Calif. land suite Monday, accusing the consort of marketing its caffeinated forcefulness drinks to children despite questionable upbeat risks.

The causa escalates a jural struggle between San Francisco and Monster, which sued the municipality terminal hebdomad in federal court. The Corona, Calif., company, the directive vender of forcefulness drinks in the U.S. by volume, accused Mr. Herrera of overstepping his dominance by disagreeable to obligate it to edge marketing and bringing sizes, among another measures.

In Monday’s causa filed in San Francisco, Mr. Herrera said Monster was violating Calif. accumulation by marketing its drinks to children as teen as sextet eld old, despite warnings from scientists that highly caffeinated products crapper drive mentality seizures and cardiac arrests among adolescents.

“Monster Energy is unequalled among forcefulness ingest makers for the extent to which it targets children and youngness in its marketing, despite the famous risks its products bear to teen people’s upbeat and safety,” Mr. Herrera said in a programme promulgation Monday.

In Monday’s lawsuit, Mr. Herrera alleges Monster “aggressively” markets its products to children and teenagers by sponsoring youngness sports tournaments and “prominently” featuring profiles of youngness ranging in geezerhood from 6 to 17 on its Monster Army website.

“`Monster also targets children and teenagers by promoting a ‘lifestyle’ that features extremity sports, music, gaming, expeditionary themes and scantily-clad ‘Monster Girls,”’ the causa alleges.

The city’s causa coincides with heightened work by politicians and regulators of fast-growing forcefulness drinks, whose marketers prospect an forcefulness squawk from alkaloid and another ingredients including taurine and ginseng.

The Food and Drug Administration said terminal Nov it was work whether forcefulness drinks display “significant risks” when exhausted in immoderateness or by undefendable groups, including teen grouping or those with pre-existing cardiac or another conditions. The federal authority said terminal hebdomad it would also analyse the country of alkaloid progressively existence additional to food, including gum.

Monster didn’t directly convey calls hunt comment. The consort has said repeatedly its forcefulness drinks are safe. It says a exemplary crapper of its 16-ounce forcefulness ingest contains 160 milligrams of caffeine, or roughly half the alkaloid per cat of Starbucks coffee.

Mr. Herrera isn’t the prototypal open authorised to verify intend at forcefulness drinks and how they are marketed. New royalty land Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman terminal assemblage subpoenaed Monster; PepsiCo Inc., concern of nucleotide forcefulness drinks; and Living Essentials LLC, concern of 5-hour Energy shots. U.S. Senators Richard Durbin (D., Ill.) and Richard Blumenthal (D., Conn.) and U.S. Representative Ed Markey (D., Mass.) hit asked the bureau and agent Trade Commission to fissure downbound on forcefulness drinks.

A assemble of 18 scientists and open upbeat professionals wrote a honor to the bureau in March, locution it was “particularly concerned” most the upbeat personalty of forcefulness drinks on children and adolescents because of their modify embody accumulation and modify temperament to caffeine. The dweller Academy of Pediatrics has said forcefulness drinks “have no locate in the fasting of children and adolescents.”

Monster says the labels on its forcefulness drinks already warn the drinkable is “not advisable for children, meaningful women or grouping huffy to caffeine.”

The bureau currently sets alkaloid limits exclusive on “cola-like” beverages, a conception that has been in locate since the 1950s and caps alkaloid at 6 milligrams per ounce, or a taste more than half as such as goes into a exemplary forcefulness drink.

Michael Taylor, the FDA’s help commissioner for foods, said terminal hebdomad existing rules for adding alkaloid to matter and drinks “never expected the underway proliferation of caffeinated products.” He didn’t conception discover alkaloid limits on another products.

The bureau has been work octad deaths allegedly equal to Monster forcefulness drinks supported on “adverse event” reports filed to the authority in past years. Last October, a illegitimate modification causa was filed by the parents of a Colony teenager with a pre-existing hunch information who died from cardiac collar after allegedly crapulence digit 24-ounce cans of Monster. The bureau says no causal course hit been observed between the forcefulness drinks and some of the deaths.

Monster disputes some course between the deaths and its product.

Energy ingest income in the U.S. chromatic 12% to roughly $10 1000000000 in retail cost in 2012, estimates Beverage Digest. Monster had 36.8% of the U.S. retail mart for forcefulness drinks terminal assemblage by volume, aweigh of Austria’s Red Bull GmbH, with 29.9%, and Las Vegas-based Rockstar, with 17.5%, according to the change business and accumulation service.

Monster reportable $2.06 1000000000 in gain income terminal year, most of it behindhand its namesake forcefulness ingest brand. The consort has a stock-market estimation of $9.5 billion.

Day 34: Speaking to Folks at Pastor Michael’s Church

Day 34: Speaking to Folks at Pastor Michael’s Church Our Session on “Sharpening Your Counseling Skills” with Pastors from the Mahalapye area was well received. So much so that Pastor Michael and his wife Mary asked us to come to his church and speak to his members. Here we are “Team Teaching” in front of several married couples and soon to be married couples. We still haven’t met any couples that have been married as long as us – 37 years ago April 30th (Day 30 of this photo journal). This group was especially engaged during the presentation and we got some great questions. What a blessing it was to be used of God in this way! And oh yeah, I really like standing in front of a group along with my wife!

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Monster Beverage Sued by San Francisco – Wall Street Journal

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