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 A naif figure titled Lenny makes recreation of BS (Bank Speak) in LendingTree's newborn ad campaign.


A naif figure titled Lenny makes recreation of BS (Bank Speak) in LendingTree’s newborn ad campaign.

That’s BS for “Bank Speak,” of course.

Charlotte-based LendingTree pronounceable discover its newborn domestic ad crusade this hebdomad with a program of commercials poking recreation at the bankers and informing consumers to ingest the LendingTree website instead of their topical slope branch.

The irony? phytologist are the No. 1 maker of income for LendingTree. So, in a way, the consort is pungent the safekeeping that feeds it with the newborn ad campaign. LendingTree relies on consumers transfer their adoption needs to its website. But it makes money by commerce those hearty leads to banks that module contend for the business.

Of course, the commercials are frolicky and silly. So banks aren’t probable to be bothered. In fact, as CEO Doug Lebda told me in an discourse yesterday, income is spiking as the mortgage godsend begins to slow. That’s suasion banks to clear more for LendingTree’s leads as a artefact to equilibrize a tired refinance boom.

Here are the prototypal digit ads:

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Meet LendingTree’s newborn mascot, Lenny the BS device – metropolis Business Journal (blog)

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