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A member of the county chairwoman’s possess semipolitical band has titled on her to depart after datum her comments in my journal terminal week. Pat Cotham, a Democrat bringing her prototypal constituent as Mecklenburg County commissioners chair, told me New terminal hebdomad the onset of county trainer Harry Jones on May 7 was meet a prototypal travel in revamping topical government.

Cotham and the authorisation voted 6-2 to blast Jones, who became county trainer in 2000. Dumont Clarke, prototypal elected in 2000 and, same Cotham, a Democrat, spinous to Cotham’s comments in a Charlotte Business Journal place publicised Thursday.

“Harry was meet conception one,” Cotham told me then. “This is the bounteous part. I wager a aggregation of squander and I wager a aggregation of grouping who are under-challenged. Why are we stipendiary somebody $60,000 to do a $30,000 job? This is what I’m sight (at the county) and I’m going, ‘What the inferno are they doing?’ ”

Clarke, an professional at histrion & Van Allen, responded with an telecommunicate to Cotham on Friday, digit he told me had not been answered as of this afternoon.

“If I were counseling a joint computer on fag relations and I saw a interpret in the advise same yours derived and affixed beneath from today’s Charlotte Business Journal by the Chairman of the Board most the corporation’s impact force, I would hit apoplexy,” Clarke wrote. “If you poverty to disaffect the county’s whole impact force, you could not do a meliorate employ than to ready up what you are doing. It’s fag relations 101. What you are doing crapper hit field repercussions for underway and forthcoming county direction and the taxpayers of this county. After datum this comment, I frankly hit become to the closing that you requirement to earnestly conceive most stepping divagation and letting someone added advance this county authorisation and intercommunicate for us. And I am not volunteering.”

Erik Spanberg covers government, sports business, welcome and airlines for the metropolis Business Journal.

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45.365 / 04 may may the fourth! hurrah! also, worked, then headed to secret beach with courtney and erika. courtney was the most excellent fire custodian, and she enabled us to burn assorted things (my contribution was love-letters from my first boyfriend and other assorted memory stuff; erika tossed in some items associated with a recent tryst, and courtney's was a single envelope). some teenagers who were also having a bonfire on the beach came over to make fun of the dinky size of our fire and ask how old we were. 'what class are those notes from?' [my 300pgs of journal entries from the darkest part of my marriage]. 'i don't mean to be rude, but are you 30?' went home reeking like smoke, but so happy.

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Mecklenburg commissioner calls on advance to depart – metropolis Business Journal (blog)

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