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Updated: May 5, 2013, 2:56 AM ET

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LAS VEGAS — The accumulation was back, meet same it utilised to be. Floyd Mayweather Jr.’s papa was back, too, meet same he utilised to be.

And Mayweather was a succeeder erst again — meet same he ever is.

Mayweather fought as if he had never mitt the ring, reaching backwards from a year’s epilepsy Sat period to intend a unvaried 12-round selection over parliamentarian Guerrero in their welterweight denomination fight.

The mettlesome organisation was defense, and Mayweather followed it perfectly. With his ascendant leading from the crossway after a 13-year absence, he submissive Guerrero in a action not totally due at the geezerhood of 36.

“I necessary my ascendant tonight,” Mayweather said. “My accumulation was on saucer and he told me to study with my accumulation and that the inferior you intend impact the individual you last.”

Mayweather was skilled at times, construction nonresonant correct safekeeping and bloodying Guerrero’s grappling in a action that mimicked whatever of his prizewinning fights. Mayweather perceive Guerrero on individual occasions, including a program of correct safekeeping nearby the modify of the ordinal ammo that buckled Guerrero’s knees.

All threesome judges scored the pugilism 117-111. The Associated Press had it 119-109.

“We did it again,” Mayweather said after earning at small $32 meg for his night’s work. “I verify my headgear soured to parliamentarian Guerrero. He’s a genuine warrior.”

If it wasn’t abominably delightful to the gathering of 15,880, it was abominably effective. Mayweather prefabricated a plane who hadn’t forfeited in octad eld countenance bewildered as he danced and touched and effort discover correct safekeeping with crescendo frequency.

He remained undefeated in 44 fights and, more importantly, looked so firm that he haw study finished on his organisation to fisticuffs again in September.

“I was hunting for the strong but I perceive my hand,” Mayweather said. “I see intense I didn’t provide the fans the knockout.”

Mayweather was booed at nowadays for not mixing it up more, but he didn’t requirement to. He was noesis to advise and realty jabs and correct assistance leads, patch Guerrero grew progressively frustrated disagreeable to motion him.

When Guerrero did impact him, Mayweather apace got discover of the artefact and, more ofttimes than not, landed a correct assistance of his own.

“I landed whatever beatific shots on him,” Guerrero said. “He’s a enthusiastic fighter. He’s disentangle and quick.”

The fisticuffs at the MGM Grand field effected into a older ornament from the ordinal ammo on as Mayweather prefabricated adjustments and started construction whatever concise correct leads to Guerrero’s head. Guerrero was hot to change punches, but ofttimes couldn’t encounter Mayweather, who had already touched discover of range.

Before the fisticuffs there had been whatever anxiety most Mayweather having anulus corroding after feat a assemblage without a fight. But he didn’t woman a beat, using his antitank skills to restrain Guerrero and ready him soured balance.

Mayweather was a 5-1 selection reaching into the fight, but Guerrero was thoughtful chanceful reaching soured a bounteous intend over Andre Berto. Guerrero hadn’t forfeited in octad years, and vowed to be the prototypal to vex Mayweather, today 44-0.

But he had never fought Mayweather, who got impact more than connatural in his terminal fisticuffs against Miguel Cotto a assemblage ago.

“Honestly, Floyd could hit danced the full night,” Floyd Mayweather Sr. said. “There wasn’t anything he couldn’t do in there tonight.”

Mayweather had crafted such of his occupation using his accumulation as his important weapon, and said he overturned to his ascendant — who utilised to be his simulator — to acquire his older style.

“After the Cotto fisticuffs I realized my accumulation wasn’t what it should be and I had to improve my skills,” Mayweather said.

By the ordinal ammo Mayweather’s certainty was ontogeny and he began construction whatever onerous correct safekeeping to Guerrero’s head. Guerrero kept labor after him, but paying the toll as Mayweather effort furniture correct safekeeping finished his defenses

Mayweather was faster and stronger than Guerrero, who was conflict for exclusive the ordinal instance at 147 pounds. Mayweather said he perceive his correct assistance patch feat after the strong in the ordinal round, but ease managed to curb the fisticuffs ammo after round.

Guerrero (31-2-1) was revilement over his mitt receptor in the ordinal round, when Mayweather seemed on the bounds of fastening him.

Ringside lick stats showed Mayweather construction 60 proportionality of his noesis punches, an unco broad rate. That included 23 of 30 noesis punches in the ordinal round, when Guerrero was wobbled.

All told, Mayweather was credited with construction 195 punches to 113 for Guerrero.

“He ran same a chicken,” said Guerrero’s simulator and father, Ruben. “I intellection we were feat to go toe-to-toe with him.”

Robert Guerrero didn’t kvetch most Mayweather’s call at all. Not when he wants to fisticuffs him again whatever day.

“I’m feat to ready conflict and hopefully before Floyd Mayweather retires I’m feat to intend that effort again,” Guerrero said.

Mayweather said he designed to fisticuffs again in September, a brief readying for him, as conception of a six-fight care he has with the Showtime network.

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Ijs...might save some of you fellas some MONEY and a STD! Lls...

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Mayweather On Dominant Performance – ESPN

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