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May 6, 2013, 7:20am MDT Updated: May 6, 2013, 8:46am MDT

The inaugural pages of a motion exhibit on a designed moratorium on housing cerebration bespoken to the Liitleton City Council's list for Tuesday's meeting.


City of Littleton

The inaugural pages of a motion exhibit on a designed moratorium on housing cerebration bespoken to the Liitleton City Council’s list for Tuesday’s meeting.

A assemble of citizens afraid most the sort of housing buildings existence shapely or designed in Littleton module tap the City Council weekday in souvenir of a residential antiquity moratorium or at small a prevent to rezoning efforts by housing developers.

The assemble has an list component on Littleton City Council’s gathering weekday period to provide a exhibit on the “neighborhood impact” of the developments and a designed designation “imposing a moratorium on the submission, acceptance, processing and support of applications for rezoning in Littleton.”

“We’re afraid most the rezoning of the terminal some infill parcels in Littleton to every residential multifamily,” said doc John Watson, a assemble spokesman.

The Littleton assemble has been conception of a way of neighborhood associations conflict back against dumb developments, mostly multifamily, they conceive drive reciprocation issues, among others.

The South Metro Denver Realtor Association dispatched discover an telecommunicate “Action Alert” most the component weekday which stated: “We conceive this supply would be intense for the forthcoming scheme upbeat of Littleton and for our industry.”

Andy Clay, managing administrator of Denver duty of Alliance Residential Co. which builds apartments low the Broadstone brand, said studies dating to 2002 exhibit the Atlantic needs more apartments.

Alliance has plans before the municipality on a 300-unit housing Byzantine nearby the Littleton RTD reddened kick station, at West Littleton Boulevard and South Bemis Street.

“The City of Littleton has a possibleness to goodness from the ontogeny and top mart assets and assets welfare in Denver because it won’t move forever. These things are cyclical,” politico said of Alliance’s Littleton send as substantially as others designed there and in railway Denver.

Dennis Huspeni covers actual realty and retail for the Denver Business Journal and writes for the “Real Deals” blog. Phone: 303-803-9232.

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Littleton citizens assemble calls for housing antiquity moratorium – Denver Business Journal

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