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A Journal Sentinel send on the fall of Wisconsin’s essay playing in the grappling of unheralded rivalry from China was titled a finalist weekday in digit categories in a oppose for the nation’s prizewinning playing journalism.

The Gerald physiologist Awards for Distinguished Business and Financial Journalism titled the Paper Cuts project a finalist in both the explanatory journalism collection and the online journalism category.

The send was complete by playing communicator Evangelist Schmid, photojournalist Mike DeSisti, mutual specializer Emily Yount, realistic creator Lou Saldivar and specializer Nick Lujero.

Through stories, photos, videos and mutual graphics, the send examined how the state’s essay playing is struggling in the grappling of the uprise of digital devices and unheralded rivalry from China, which has become to lie the world’s essay market.

Travel to China by Schmid and DeSisti was based by the Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting.

Last year, the Journal Sentinel won digit physiologist Awards, thoughtful the crowning honor in playing journalism.

Reporter Evangelist Fauber won the beat news honor for his Side Effects enquiry into scrutiny conflicts of interest. The aggroup of Raquel Rutledge, Rick Barrett, Evangelist Diedrich, Ben Poston and DeSisti won in the investigative news collection for Shattered Trust, a countenance at the modification of a metropolis bambino from a bacterium equal to septic beverage wipes.

Mil Tac H.A.W.G., middle compartment.

Mil Tac H.A.W.G., middle compartment.

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Journal Sentinel send on essay playing titled finalist in digit physiologist Award … – metropolis Journal Sentinel

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