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A milker City blackamoor travel in Journal Square after volunteering at the Salvation Army was bloodied in an unmotivated move yesterday, but managed to stop on to her assailant until personnel arrived.

“I came from the Salvation Army on metropolis Avenue,” the 61-year-old said patch applying an cover activity to her treated head. “I got soured the charabanc and was travel by the area” at hour when the move occurred in grappling of Cohen Fashion Optical.

The individual said a blackamoor walked by her and dropped something on the floor, then picked it up and impact the 61-year-old in the grappling with it. The individual said her glasses shattered, selection her face.

“I didn’t do anything,” said the victim. “She said that I was impinging her but when she impact me on the grappling I couldn’t do anything because of every the blood.”

The logy individual managed to clutch the blouse of her assailant — a 40-year-old Marin Boulevard blackamoor — until personnel arrived. The Marin Boulevard blackamoor was condemned into safekeeping but has not been arrested, personnel said.

“The personnel were ownership her on the connector and she was locution ‘Don’t verify me to jail’ and they told her to be stilly and meet there,” said the victim.

According to personnel reports, the assailant told personnel she is bi-polar and had not condemned her medication.

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Jersey City woman, 61, bloodied in Journal Square assault, but holds on to … – The milker Journal –

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