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Well, not today, it was this weekend.

And it haw not modify hit been this weekend, if digit goes by date. I don’t undergo the literal fellow of Mother’s Day was in 1973.

It was, however, Mother’s Day weekend 1973 that I came bag from Quaker State, where I was in the terminal constituent of my intermediate year, to listen digit concerts.

The first, in Penn’s Irvine Auditorium on weekday night, featured King Crimson, which had meet place discover “Larks Tongues in Aspic,” and Todd Rundgren, who had place discover “A Wizard, a True Star,” digit months prior.

The second, at the Spectrum on Sat Night, was billed as the Mahavishnu Orchestra meets the Mothers of Invention. The Mahavishnu Orchestra’s stylish medium was “Birds of Fire,” and Frank Zappa’s stylish medium was “The Grand Wazoo,” though the Mothers were belike already performing touchable from “Over-Night Sensation,” which would become discover after that year.

Rundgren was more unearthly than good, but another than that, the performances were amazing. Three groups of world-class musicians activity intricate, rhythmically and harmonically Byzantine compositions, ofttimes at breath-taking speed, and over a flooded arrange of kinetics from whisper-soft to eardrum-shatteringly loud. (Although in the yet-to-be-sound-baffled Irvine Auditorium, it was impracticable to verify just how blasting King Crimson was. I institute that discover at a ensuant concert in a roller-skating edifice right Pittsburgh.)

Although I don’t request the Mothers having whatever reeds or brass, their roster in this clip was pretty such the digit I saw. (I can’t advert the lyrics of this song, but since it’s a Frank Zappa tune, whatever warning most its noesis is belike merited.)

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It was 40 eld past today … – metropolis Business Journal (blog)

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