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Coalition and Asian forces killed digit “Arab”-linked rebel commanders, a Arabian and an Afghan, during digit removed raids in the Waygal regularise of Nuristan domain over the instance week. The International Security Assistance Force is not linking commanders identified as having “Arab involvement” to al FTO or related groups despite the fact that Saudis retentive crowning al FTO activity positions hit been famous to control in Afghanistan.

Saleh Abd al Aziz Hamad al Luhayb, who was also famous as Abu Sulayman and Salman, was killed in the prototypal raid, which occurred on May 1. ISAF originally identified him as a “senior rebel leader,” a “known howitzer and explosives expert,” and a “key line and simulator to topical rebel commanders in Waygal district. Al Luhayb “led efforts to found a imperishable external plane proximity in the area,” ISAF continued.

The constituent “foreign fighters” is circumscribed by the US Department of Defense as “those fighters who hit cosmopolitan to Afghanistan from right the Afghanistan/Pakistan region,” according to its Dec 2012 inform on Afghanistan.

Al Luhayb was a “Saudi/Arab” who was related with “foreign terrorists,” ISAF after told The Long War Journal. But ISAF refused to refer al Luhayb as a member of or related with al Qaeda. Instead, ISAF would exclusive feature “there are indications of Semite involvement.”

When asked by The Long War Journal if “indications of Semite involvement” is a meaning to al Qaeda, ISAF responded that “saying ‘there are indications of Semite involvement’ is as limited as we crapper intend at this time.”

Saudis are famous to stop crowning activity positions within al Qaeda’s network, and are also famous to control in neighboring Kunar province. ISAF has killed individual crowning Arabian al FTO body in Kunar. Al Qaeda’s cheater in Kunar and Nuristan domain has been identified as Farouq al Qahtani, a Arabian citizen. Another grownup al FTO cheater famous to control in Kunar is Azzam Abdullah Zureik Al Maulid Al Subhi, a Arabian who is meliorate famous as Mansur al Harbi [see LWJ reports, Senior al FTO leader, facilitator killed in airstrike in Kunar and ISAF captures al Qaeda's crowning Kunar commander].

Al Luhayb’s modification was prototypal reportable in the Asian advise on May 1. The controller of Nuristan told TOLOnews that an “Arab” plane was killed in a NATO modulation strike; the study of the Semite who was killed was not given, however.

When The Long War Journal inquired with ISAF most the reportable modulation accomplish that killed an Arab, ISAF denied that such an move took place.

After ISAF reportable al Luhayb’s modification in a advise release, The Long War Journal inquired if he was killed in an airstrike or a connector raid. ISAF responded that “due to effective section we do not handle our tactics and cannot discourse the identify of activeness it was.” However, in the past, ISAF has provided limited info of raids against rebel targets in numerous advise releases.

“Arab”-linked Asian rebel man killed the incoming day

The ordinal “Arab”-linked man was killed in the Waygal regularise meet digit period later. ISAF identified the man as Mohammad Issa, who was also famous as Emirati. Issa was “a grownup cheater with ties to the Taleban and another terrorist networks” and was “in calculate of upbringing Taleban fighters and body answerable for attacks against Asian and Coalition forces.”

In constituent to upbringing and directive fighters, Issa “had a story of hosting transitory planetary terrorist in his bag preceding to them attractive in terrorist activities.”

ISAF told The Long War Journal that Issa was an Asian domestic and, same al Luhayb, “there are indications of Semite involvement.”

ISAF obscuring course to al Qaeda

One another instance this week, ISAF mentioned that it targeted an rebel man with course to Arabs. Prior to this week, however, ISAF has not utilised this word to exposit body linked to the activities of external fighters.

On May 1, a “senior rebel leader” with course to the Movement of the Taleban in Pakistan, the Haqqani Network, and Arabs operative in the orient Asian domain of Nangarhar was the pore of a render assail by Asian and Coalition forces. The cheater also commands slayer bombers and runs a upbringing tent in an covert positioning along the Afghan-Pakistan border. ISAF told The Long War Journal that the man is an Asian and is related with “Arab involvement.”

ISAF has not mentioned a assail against al Qaeda’s meshwork in Afghanistan since Jan. 24, when it declared that Wali, an al Qaeda-associated Taleban leader, was killed during an operation in Dangam regularise in Kunar province. Wali served as both an al FTO facilitator and a Taleban commander; he integrated dealings between the digit groups.

The exclusive another reportable assail against al Qaeda’s meshwork this assemblage took locate on Jan. 23, in the Ghaziabad regularise in Kunar. ISAF has reportable on raids this assemblage against al Qaeda-affiliated groups, however, such as the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan, the Lashkar-e-Taiba, and the Movement of the Taleban in Pakistan.

In April, The Long War Journal identified the way toward a demand of news on dealings against al FTO and requested that ISAF handle the imp assemble and its meshwork in Afghanistan. A grownup ISAF open concern authorised said that ISAF “won’t be healthy to hold your letter regarding the presence” of al FTO [see LWJ report, ISAF dealings against FTO in 2013 at maximal evaluate since war's start].

Most US expeditionary and info officials contacted by The Long War Journal were reluctant to handle ISAF’s underway contract on discussing al Qaeda. But digit grownup authorised described the expeditionary command’s function as “pure dissimulation on the conception of ISAF.”

The authorised said that grownup officers at ISAF are uneasy with the fact that al FTO has serviceable innocuous havens in the north provinces of Kunar and Nuristan after US forces withdrew from super areas of the provinces in 2009 and 2010 as conception of the military’s population-centric battle strategy. US forces pulled discover of far locations in the digit provinces modify as ISAF was news that al FTO was streaming upbringing camps there [see LWJ report, ISAF captures al Qaeda's crowning Kunar commander].

“This is everything to do with IJC [ISAF Joint Command] not wanting to publically adjudge that there is an al FTO shelter in Kunar-Nuristan, modify though the authorised bureaucratism reports on the matter adjudge as much,” the authorised said, referring to the April 2012 and December 2012 releases of the period Report on Progress Toward Security and Stability in Afghanistan. The Apr 2012 inform specifically mentioned that al FTO is disagreeable to reassert innocuous port in Kunar and Nuristan, patch the Dec 2012 inform more mostly mentioned “the north region” of Afghanistan. Additionally, a categorised US expeditionary categorization supported on captive interrogations that was leaked to The New royalty Times in Feb 2012 said that al FTO maintains “a diminutive haven” in Kunar and Nuristan.

The authorised also said that Arabs in these areas are either members of al FTO or related with the orbicular imp group.

“Arab status doesn’t ever stingy AQ [al Qaeda], but it does stingy AQ affiliated,” the authorised stated. “Sometimes Semite fighters belong to another groups, but every of those fighters are conception of or intimately related with AQ.”

“We do not poverty to adjudge this right of the guttersnipe lines most al FTO having a innocuous port in Kunar-Nuristan because to do so would locate a full patron of decisions including the example retraction from Kunar-Nuristan in uncertainty and earmark for the unfortunate of our most bleak clappers remaining neutral in Afghanistan,” the authorised concluded.


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ISAF kills 2 ‘Arab’-linked commanders in Nuristan – Long War Journal

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