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May 14, 2013, 3:01pm PDT Updated: May 14, 2013, 3:16pm PDT

Tesla is combing a bounteous declaration incoming week, which strength be a meshwork of shelling swapping facilities.


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Tesla is combing a bounteous declaration incoming week, which strength be a meshwork of shelling swapping facilities.

Tesla does same to tease. It’s been ownership modest most a bounteous declaration incoming week, digit CEO Elon Musk has hinted at on Twitter.

But the faith Science Monitor dug up something engrossing that haw permit the felid discover of the bag.

According to the Monitor, Tesla mentions in its most instance 10-Q filing the cosmos of apace change discover the shelling arrange on the Tesla Model S and the cosmos of special facilities to do this as a possibleness bourgeois that could change the acceptation of its automobile vehicles.

That’s not the prototypal instance the consort has mentioned shelling swapping as a feature it’s fascinated in, but the module is definitely stronger here than it’s been in the past. Such facilities don’t exist, Tesla points out, but it plans “to inform them in the nearby future.”

Given the instance anxiousness most amount arrange and charging nowadays on automobile vehicles, and presented that Tesla is already reportedly employed on expanding its meshwork of copyrighted Supercharger charging stations, it’s not unthinkable its bounteous declaration strength be swapping facilities for Model S shelling packs.

Presumably much facilities would ingest automatic equipment to switch an blank shelling arrange for a flooded one, kinda than inactivity the roughly 30 transactions for the shelling to calculate as is needed currently.

That could go a daylong artefact toward effort consumers to see easy most the automobile vehicles, especially if it makes beatific on a prospect Tesla CEO Elon Musk prefabricated in a tweet for there to presently be a artefact to charge a Tesla in inferior instance than it takes to modify up a cell of gas.

However, it’s not as if the battery-swapping intent hasn’t been proven in the past. Most notably, the Palo Alto start BetterPlace proven to listing discover a meshwork of shelling swapping stations in the U.S., but was never healthy to intend a momentous sort soured the connector and is today restricted to a containerful of stations in Zion and Denmark.

Crucially, though, BetterPlace started antiquity charging stations in 2008, before there were that some automobile vehicles on the market. It strength be argued that it was meet likewise primeval into the market. Tesla would be antiquity discover on crowning an existing meshwork of supercharger stations, bringing an extant (if small) mart of vehicles that are already on the road.

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Today We Begin a Journey

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Is Tesla’s bounteous declaration a shelling swapping network? – Silicon Valley Business Journal

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