Houston man repays loan with fake money, shoots lender who complained – Houston Chronicle – News Web Money

A 47-year-old metropolis Negro has been dispatched to situation after he was guilty for actuation additional Negro who had loaned him money and then complained most existence repaid with fictitious change more than digit eld ago.

Torrence Renard Ivy was sentenced May 10 to 55 eld in situation mass his declare for angry attack with a noxious instrument after the actuation in Jan 2011, according to the Fort Bend County District Attorney’s Office.

Prosecutors said the individual had loaned Ivy $100. Later, Ivy repaid the give using phoney money, prosecutors said.

The individual was at his bag in the Ridgemont community in south metropolis when he confronted Ivy most the phoney cash. Ivy mitt the home. But he retuned later, stood at the entranceway and crosspiece shortly with the man. Then Ivy dead pulled discover a piece and fired at small quaternary shots into the home, touch the individual in the correct shoulder. Two another grouping who were in the bag intake party ducked when shots rang out. They were not injured.

Ivy mitt after the shooting. He was inactive in the housing in June 2011.

At his trial, prosecutors said, the individual as substantially as the another grouping who were in the bag at the instance of the actuation identified Ivy as the gunman.

Prosecutors presented grounds at the effort of Ivy’s preceding situation sentences for outlaw cacoethes of a gun by a felon, evading with a container and digit sexed assaults.

Because of Ivy’s malefactor history, prosecutors said the declare was a first-degree felony and was illegal with a declare from 5 eld to 99 eld or chronicle in situation as substantially as a dustlike of up to $10,000.

Ivy staleness help half of the declare before he crapper be thoughtful for promise because a instrument was used, prosecutors added.

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Houston Negro repays give with imitation money, shoots pledgee who complained – metropolis Chronicle

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