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There are a whatever problems with House Majority Leader Eric Cantor’s outreach efforts.

Republicans hit struggled with a sexuality notch for quite a while, but in 2011 and 2012, the difficulty intensified. Indeed, the catchword “Republican struggle on women” did not occur discover of anorectic air.

In a brief punctuation of time, we saw band officials restricting contraception; selection soured Planned Parenthood; requiring state-mandated, medically-unnecessary transvaginal ultrasounds; forcing physicians to untruth to patients most failure and boob cancer; conflict equal-pay laws; and temporarily defeating the Violence Against Women Act. When it came instance for House Republicans to clear for modify enrollee wage welfare rates, band officials definite to intend the resource by selection admittance to boob cancer and cervical cancer screenings.

But that was before. USA Today reported terminal hebdomad that the band has a newborn idea, included in House Majority Leader Eric Cantor’s (R-Va.) rebranding campaign, it hopes module sound with whatever of the women who ran absent from the band in past years.

House Republicans are targeting favourite “mommy blog” websites in a digital ad crusade first weekday as conception of an current try to bushel the GOP’s ikon with destined voting blocs — in this housing stroke someone voters — who hit sided decisively with Democrats in past elections.

The flag ads module be featured on over 100 websites favourite among women and geo-targeted to be viewed by residents in 20 Democratic-held congressional districts targeted by the band for 2014…. The $20,000 ad buy, streaming on sites including and finished Friday, module call on Democrats to balloting with House Republicans incoming hebdomad on a calculate to wage hourly clannish facet workers more plasticity to opt between compensatory instance and change commercialism for period work.

Yes, the rebranded, new-and-improved politico Party thinks private-sector turn instance is the key — or at least, a key — to approaching the sexuality gap.

There are, of course, a pair of problems. For digit thing, this is a pretty overmodest contract step, which doesn’t embellish near to compensating for the rest of the GOP’s throwback ethnic agenda.

For another, the offering itself isn’t whatever good.

The base intent behindhand the “Working Families Flexibility Act” is empowering private-sector employers to attain a change with workers — instead of gift employees period clear for player work, businesses crapper equilibrate workers with whatever added instance off.

If this sounds familiar, it’s because the newborn politico intent isn’t newborn at every — Alex Seitz-Wald noted that House band body pushed aforementioned measures in 1996, 1997, and 2003, and it was a selection manoeuvre of Newt Gingrich’s.

OK, but what are the essential downsides? Seitz-Wald explained:

What fag advocates are more afraid most is that the calculate supposedly aimed at serving employed families strength actually perceive them by undermining the 40-hour impact hebdomad and “increasing period hours for those who don’t poverty them and selection clear for those who do,” as Center for Economic and Policy Research economist Eileen Appelbaum wrote. The National Partnership for Women and Families said the “mis-named Working Families Flexibility Act module stingy a clear revilement for workers without whatever secure plasticity or instance off.” [...]

In Cantor’s “Making Life Work” style in February, he explained that, “In 1985, legislature passed a accumulation that gave land and municipal employees this flexibility, but today ease denies that aforementioned permit to the whole clannish sector. That’s not right.” But that advise was to cut costs for government, not wage workers with more freedom, book Lichtman of the National Partnership for Women And Families told the AP. And polity employees mostly hit the endorsement of both a organization and subject assist laws.

And as copyist psychoanalyst noted, if the difficulty is that employed parents don’t hit sufficiency liberated instance with their kids, then ground not wage them more by guaranteeing paying transfer life to employees? The U.S. is the exclusive matured country that doesn’t hit a accumulation ensuring every workers intend vacations, thanks to hot contestant from Republicans and joint interests. “Instead, Cantor is locution that the artefact to cipher the difficulty of employed parents not having sufficiency instance with their kids is to wage them an motivator to impact more overtime,” psychoanalyst wrote.

The House is probable to transfer the calculate sometime this week, though it nearly sure won’t embellish law, at small not anytime presently — the White House issued a conventional oppose threat yesterday.

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House band takes a newborn communication to ‘mommy blogs’ – MSNBC (blog)

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