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A primary cycle prefabricated by Harley-Davidson Inc. — daylong a symbolisation of artefact and a maker of dweller feel ­— is motion the land to “find discover where the Constitution lives, how it entireness and how it unites us as a nation.”

The traveller is Peter Sagal, grapheme of National Public Radio’s favourite “Wait Wait…Don’t Tell Me!” program. Sagal is currently hosting a four-part PBS program “Constitution USA,” sport around the land on a bespoken red, albescent and chromatic Harley-Davidson and interviewing grouping as he tells stories most equal essential debates.

I wasn’t healthy to grownup weekday night’s premiere, but my associate Stacy Vogel Davis watched it and said Sagal’s squealer was featured prominently on the exhibit and he ended the program touting his American-made cycle and its nationalistic makeup job.

Read more most the program and check a behind-the-scenes recording here.

Read more most Harley-Davidson’s comeback from the ceding and underway looking here.

Jeff Engel is The Business Journal’s communicator concealment the manufacturing business and technology.

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Harley-Davidson a grapheme on PBS Constitution primary – The Business Journal of metropolis (blog)

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