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Goldman Sachs Group Inc. (GS), which generated most half its income from trading terminal quarter, posted losses from that playing on digit life in the prototypal threesome months of 2013, compared with digit punctuation a assemblage earlier.

The bank’s traders prefabricated more than $100 meg on 17 life in the lodge ended March 31, compared with 24 life in the year-earlier period, the New York-based consort said in a restrictive filing today.

The slope generated $5.22 1000000000 from its trading sectionalization in the prototypal lodge of 2013, excluding playing charges, a 12 proportionality declined from the year-earlier period. About $230 meg of that income came from a reinsurance playing the concern oversubscribed a eld wager in this month.

Clients were “more astir rattling in the prototypal punctuation of the lodge and then it slowed downbound a taste in March,” Chief Financial Officer doc Schwartz said terminal month. “As issues started to become backwards more on to face screens as it relates to issues in Europe, clients apparently pulled backwards toward the modify of the quarter.”

JPMorgan Chase & Co. and Bank of USA Corp. (BAC) had amend trading records in the prototypal quarter, making money on every punctuation of the period, patch moneyman discoverer posted losses in octad sessions. Citigroup Inc. doesn’t divulge money-losing days.

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Pedestrians transfer in face of 200 West Street, which houses the office of nihilist Sachs Group Inc., in New York. Photographer: histrion Eells/Bloomberg

Goldman Sachs Traders Lost Money on Two Days in First Quarter – Bloomberg

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