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LOS ANGELES (AP) — Gatsby looks nearly as enthusiastic as a superhero at the weekend incase office.

Leonard DiCaprio‘s “The Great Gatsby” partied same it was the Roaring Twenties with a $51.1 meg entry that prefabricated it a astonishingly brawny runner-up to comic-book blast “Iron Man 3.”

Studio estimates Sun place “Gatsby” at No. 2 behindhand Robert Downey Jr.’s superhero sequel, which pulled in $72.5 meg domestically to improve its amount to $284.9 meg after meet 10 life in U.S. theaters.

With an added $89.3 meg in its ordinal weekend overseas, “Iron Man 3″ raised its planetary amount to $664.1 meg and its worldwide pull to $949 million.

“The Great Gatsby” farther exceeded expectations by provider producer Bros. of a $35 meg to $40 meg inaugural weekend.

Director Baz Luhrmann‘s 3-D adjustment of the F. histrion Fitzgerald artist was a thin box-office blast for films aimed at senior adults during the youth-minded flavour season. According to producer Bros., conference over 25 prefabricated up 69 proportionality of the film’s audience.

“It answers the discourse that you and I center every the instance from grouping over 50, ‘There’s null for me to see,’” said Dan Fellman, the studio’s nous of distribution. “While every flat has the $200 meg tentpoles in the marketplace, you ease impact those who see that it’s not directed at them, which is true. So that’s ground I conceive counterprogramming same this is rattling important.”

The weekend’s another newborn panoramic release, Lionsgate’s humanities comedy “Peeples,” flopped at No. 4 with meet $4.9 million. Produced by Tyler Perry, the flick stars Craig Robinson and Kerry Washington in a meet-the-parents-style farce.

Getting a nous move on its husbandly start Friday, “Star Trek: Into Darkness” unsealed with $31.7 meg in heptad planetary markets. Its foreign entry included $13.3 meg in Great Britain, $7.6 meg in FRG and $5.5 meg in Australia.

Starring DiCaprio in the denomination persona as 1920s perplexity millionaire Jay Gatsby, the stylish interpreter update co-stars Carey Mulligan as his forfeited fuck and Tobey Maguire as the someone chronicling their sure romance.

It was by farther the large entry ever for producer Luhrmann, whose preceding prizewinning was $14.8 meg for “Australia.” In meet digit weekend, “The Great Gatsby” nearly matching the $57.4 meg husbandly pull that Luhrmann’s top-grossing film, the singable “Moulin Rouge!”, managed in its whole run.

“Gatsby” also gave DiCaprio his second-biggest debut, behindhand the $62.8 meg verify for “Inception.”

The film’s success follows a jolting agency to theaters. Originally regular for promulgation terminal December, producer Bros. pushed it backwards to flavour to provide Luhrmann more instance to closing his enlarge seeable spectacle.

How substantially the flick holds up in reaching weeks depends on word-of-mouth from fans. Reviews for “The Great Gatsby” impact been so-so, with some critics locution it sacrifices episode and center for call and dazzle, including Lurhmann’s enlarge band scenes hardback by a equal soundtrack featuring Jay-Z, Beyonce and Lana Del Rey.

“Iron Man 3″ was downbound a precipitous 58 proportionality from its inaugural weekend haul, no assail presented that its $174.1 meg husbandly entry was the second-biggest ever. The exclusive flick to do more playing was Downey and company’s accumulation undertaking “The Avengers,” which lidded $200 meg in its execute terminal year.

“The Avengers” held up meliorate in its ordinal weekend with $103.1 million, a modify of exclusive 50 percent. But “Iron Man 3″ is on its artefact to decent the large unaccompanied superhero impact worldwide and the second-biggest comic-book adaptation, behindhand the $1.5 1000000000 “Avengers” payday.

“This is on a flight same no another individualist superhero flick we’ve ever seen,” said Paul Dergarabedian, an shrink for box-office tracker Hollywood.com. “In inferior than threesome weeks, this abstract is honing in on a 1000000000 dollars. It’s meet a instrument to the dumbfounding popularity of this character.”

The flick already has farther surpassed the concern prizewinning of $624 meg worldwide for “Iron Man 2.”

Estimated listing income for weekday finished Sun at U.S. and river theaters, according to Hollywood.com. Where available, stylish planetary drawing are also included. Final husbandly figures module be free Monday.

1. “Iron Man 3,” $72.5 meg ($89.3 meg international).

2. “The Great Gatsby,” $51.1 million.

3. “Pain & Gain,” $5 million.

4. “Peeples,” $4.9 million.

5. “42,” $4.7 million.

6. “Oblivion,” $3.9 meg ($11.7 meg international).

7. “The Croods,” $3.6 meg ($17.3 meg international).

8. “The Big Wedding,” $2.5 million.

9. “Mud,” $2.4 million.

10. “Oz the Great and Powerful,” $802,000.






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‘Gatsby’ gives ‘Iron Man 3′ a separate for its money – San Francisco Chronicle

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