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By Mick Krever, CNN

Hearing Colonel moneyman solon speak, it’s cushy to block that he utilised to be the honcho functionary at metropolis Bay.

“We utilised to be the realty of the liberated and the bag of the brave; we’ve been the unnatural and the cowardly,” he told CNN’s Christiane Amanpour on Tuesday.

President Obama promised to near the metropolis confinement artefact when he took duty in 2009; quaternary eld later, it’s ease open.

A eld of the detainees, over 100, hit been on suffer accomplish for more than threesome months to oppose their detention; the expeditionary has resorted to obligate intake them.

Eighty sextet of the detainees, solon said, hit never been live with a crime. Many of those who were guilty of crimes were dispatched backwards to their bag countries, and whatever are today free.

“It’s a bizarre, abnormal grouping of justice,” he said, “where existence guilty of a struggle evildoing is your listing home, and if you’re never charged, such inferior convicted, you pay the rest of your chronicle movement at Guantanamo.”

A insufficient sextet eld ago, as honcho functionary at metropolis low President Bush, Colonel solon measured same a genuine believer.

In an op-ed in the New royalty Times, he titled metropolis “clean, safe, and humane,” and said it was “worth keeping.”

On Tuesday, he told Amanpour that patch metropolis is a help situation physically, it is criminal in every another way: financially, policy-wise, legally, and as a recruiting agency for extremists.

“It’s hornlike to wager the face to metropolis another than right-wing conversation points to essay to attain the chair countenance same he’s anaemic on terrorism,” he said.

Reporting from metropolis Bay on Tuesday, CNN’s Chris martyr told Amanpour that a expeditionary man he crosspiece with denied that inmates were existence obligate fed at all.

“It’s a accepted expeditionary tactic,” solon said of the mystification around the constituent “force-feeding.”

“When I was the honcho prosecutor,” he said, “there were whatever slayer attempts, and we couldn’t feature ‘suicide attempts’ – it was titled ‘self-injurious behavior.’”

Just as solon says his expeditionary commanders skirted the actuality with politically precise language, so likewise has the semipolitical impact itself eclipsed what was erst a ultimate and moralistic issue.

“It was a non-partisan supply for while,” he said. “John McCain said he desired to near it. Yet, it’s ease unstoppered because it became a semipolitical football. And grouping are stipendiary for it with their lives.”

Indeed, solon said, it “certainly looks” as though digit of the detainees module hit to retrograde his chronicle before something happens – “but it’s totally unnecessary.”

Congress distant resource for the chair to designate detainees discover of Guantanamo, scuttling Obama’s plans to advise detainees to the United States.

“We hit never condemned a captive into the U.S.,” solon said. “We hit begged and bribed another countries to do it. island took whatever of the detainees. We’re questionable to be the bag of the brave. We could at small be as colorful as Bermuda.”

According to Davis, despite congress’s actions, Obama and the helper of accumulation ease ready the noesis to advise the men to another countries by having those countries measure the bill.

“What we’re asking the chair to do is to ready his word,” solon said. “To ingest a wife Palin term, he’s got to ‘man up.’”

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Former Gitmo honcho functionary to Obama: ‘Man up’ – CNN (blog)

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