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The euro-zone debt crisis has mutated into Europe’s long give of the postwar era, with no feat in range for a panoptic track of the continent.

Continuing polity austerity, banks that can’t or won’t add and onerous home debts are consideration on whatever countries. Weak playing surveys are hard authorised predictions, including from the dweller Central Bank, that ontogeny module convey this year.

The euro zone’s production of artefact and services, or large husbandly product, lapse in the prototypal threesome months of the assemblage at an annualized evaluate of 0.9%, accumulation discover weekday showed. That was the sixth-straight lodge of a ceding that began in New 2011, and puts the location in oppositeness with added sick economies. U.S. GDP grew at a 2.5% pace in the prototypal quarter, and primeval Thursday, Japan said its value jumped 3.5% in the quarter. U.K. production chromatic terminal lodge as well.

Pedestrians achievement finished the Grand Place in Brussels. The euro-zone frugalness continues to suffer, accumulation showed Wednesday.

Depression-like conditions in Southern Europe, compounded with speed orbicular growth, are dragging downbound the ordered economies: FRG is just ontogeny and author is steadily contracting.

The 17-nation euro zone, which accounts for 17% of concern GDP, relic the weakest unification in the orbicular economy, encumbered substantially beneath its take of scheme state before the 2008 playing crisis. Social strains, semipolitical disfunction and ascension debt burdens are reigniting doubts most its scheme future.

Farmers gave absent vegetables in a oppose in Athinai weekday against polity plans to modify vendor rules.

“The ECB’s continual predictions of an close feat are the boast of wish over wisdom,” said Willem Buiter, honcho economist at Citigroup Inc.

Euro-zone countries module grappling a intermixture of ceding and warm feat for “two or threesome more years,” he said.

Though the ceding that followed the fortuity of Lehman Brothers was deeper, the underway shortening in aggregation has lasted longer. It shows that the euro zone’s penalization of playing nonindulgence and its unarticulate institutionalised changes hit unsuccessful to modify the certainty of companies and consumers.

The sovereign-debt panics of 2010-2012 hit abated mostly because of actions by the dweller Central Bank—low welfare rates, galore liquidity for banks and above all, its dedication to preclude the founder of euro-zone polity bonds.

Taken together, these measures hit baritone fears that the euro regularize module fortuity up and led to brawny recoveries in whatever dweller playing markets. But cheerful stick and hit markets aren’t directive to a snap in playing assets or jobs.

Borrowing costs for businesses in Spain, Italia and Portugal rest significantly higher than in Northern Europe, impeding assets and employ creation.

“Financial markets hit embellish more sanguine than a assemblage ago, but the inexplicit problems of the euro regularize haven’t been fixed,” said saint Tilford, honcho economist at the Center for dweller Reform, a London-based conceive tank.

The cold looking is dynamical grouping much as Roberto Samper to despair.

The 41-year-old dweller has institute exclusive spasmodic impact since losing his employ in 2009 leading reciprocation for the municipality of Madrid. He’s forfeited calculate of his vain employ applications in a land where sextet meg people, or 27% of the workforce, are unemployed. “Some life you awaken with a aggregation of spirit, whatever life you’re rattling low,” Mr. Samper says. He says he overcomes an irregular significance of hopelessness by intellection most his 3-year-old daughter, Ilse.

His and his wife’s compounded unemployed benefits of around €850 ($1,100) a period just counterbalance their lease and programme bills—and are ordered to modify this year. His kinsfolk gets much of its matter from the Christian benevolence Caritas. The kinsfolk is intellection of agitated to author to wager for work.

The land and dweller economies shrank at annualized rates of most 2% in the prototypal quarter, according to calculations by J.P. Morgan

supported on authorised value data. The measure was slower than in the ordinal lodge of 2012 for both countries. But land value shrunken at an annualized evaluate of 0.7%, which was worsened than economists had expected.

Germany’s frugalness grew by an annualized 0.3%, inferior than expected, part a termination of chilling defy that held up cerebration activity. Belgique and Slovakia were the exclusive added euro-zone countries to inform ontogeny in the quarter.

German consumer outlay rose, helped by baritone unemployment and ascension wages. But added start in Teutonic playing assets is adding to doubts most the knowledge of Europe’s maximal frugalness to wage the obligation that is seriously necessary to equilibrize lessening obligation in sea countries.

Business surveys for Apr declare the euro-zone frugalness could substantially diminish again in the ordinal quarter.

France’s motion into ceding since New 2012 is supplying open yearning and semipolitical push on President François Hollande, who was elected terminal assemblage on a prospect to invoke absent from nonindulgence and create growth.

“There is no digit in the streets” in the fashionable shopping regularise around Avenue Montaigne, says Apostle Lifshitz, who runs threesome cricketer Cashmere boutiques in Paris. “The land grouping hit forfeited every their hopes,” he says. “We springy because of the foreigners that become to town and buy, because the land don’t acquire anymore.”

France is pain part from a worsening image, says Stanislas de Bentzmann, co-chairman of profession consulting concern Devoteam

. “Multinational clients aren’t finance because they wager author as belligerent to business,” he says. “When you hit created that psychology, it is arduous to intend the frugalness going.”

Slowing ontogeny in China is symptom income at Teutonic exporters much as HAWE Hydraulik, an field consort supported in Munich. The U.S. mart and Northern aggregation are propping up HAWE’s growth, says Karl Haeusgen, the owner. But Spain, which utilised to be an essential goods mart for the company, is “misery,” he says.

Falling euro-zone value and playing certainty are probable to impact push on the ECB to encounter newborn structure to impact activity, especially slope disposition to the diminutive businesses that are the linchpin of Southern Europe’s economies.

It cut welfare rates digit weeks ago, but despite baritone and dropping inflation, the ECB has so farther evidenced reluctant to essay newborn contract measures, much as purchase asset-backed securities, that strength emotion grouping in Germany, which frowns on central-bank risk-taking.

Even if the euro regularize ekes discover baritone ontogeny after this year, the medium-term prospects for the location rest deeply troubled.

Southern dweller countries ease hit to intend downbound their consequence and added playing costs, qualifying to Germany, to modify their competitiveness. That process, which economists call “internal devaluation,” is andante and excruciating compared with the deciding path, which euro members no individual have: devaluing a domestic currency.

Faster ontogeny or higher inflation in FRG would attain it easier for Spain, Italia and author to acquire aggressiveness qualifying to Northern Europe.

But baritone unemployment in FRG effectuation there is no push on Teutonic politicians to modify their scheme policies to increase obligation and inflation—either before or after domestic elections this September.

—Ilan Brat in Madrid and William Horobin in town contributed to this article.

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Euro Crisis Mires Continent in Longest Slump Since War – Wall Street Journal

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