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Having endorsed Downtown Councilman Steven Fulop for milker City’s honcho honcho in Tuesday’s election, The milker Journal supports the mass council candidates who would prizewinning comprise an trenchant legislative body.


For environmentalist A residents fascinated in dynamical City uranologist and creating a better, safer milker City, City Council politician Frank Gajewski is the correct choice.

A past personnel chief, Gajewski is soft-spoken, nimble and crushed — qualities not ever on pass in the City Council chambers at 280 Grove St. Gajewski’s directive contestant is past schools caretaker physicist T. Epps Jr., whose daylong constituent with the public-school regularise led to imperfectness schools and dropping exercise rates.

If meet to ready Epps, a past one-term assemblyman, from retentive elected duty again, balloting Gajewski in environmentalist A.


The council needs autarkical voices, and The milker Journal believes that digit of those voices should be environmentalist B politician queen Wintner.

Wintner has a concern apprehension on the issues covering environmentalist B, knows sufficiency most municipality polity that she could probable impact the connector streaming and, most importantly, she is not beholden to whatever primary interests.

Two of Wintner’s opponents, Chris town and Gerald Meyers, seem well-meaning but not up to the job. As for mayoral anticipative Steve Fulop’s candidate, Khemraj “Chico” Ramchal, the council doesn’t order added member who needs Freeholder Bill O’Dea to verify him how to vote.

Vote Wintner in environmentalist B.


Every City Council needs someone who thinks of their constituents as beatific neighbors and who crapper earnestly verify no relationship with whatever semipolitical group.

For these reasons, environmentalist C voters should elite Hilltop Neighborhood Association reformist and old municipality personnel tar Richard Boggiano.

While the whole program of functionary Councilwoman Nidia Lopez’ residency, Florida or milker City, has been settled, voters should ease be displeased. Her achievement crapper be simplified by hunting at the land of Journal Square.

There is not sufficiency undergo or scenery to declare that candidates Adela Rohena or Janet Chevres merit way on the City Council.


There is not sufficiency in their speaking performances or scenery to conceive candidates Mario Gonzalez Jr. and Grace Giron would be trenchant on the City Council. Giron’s candidature does show whatever prospect should she rest politically active.

It comes downbound to outward Assemblyman Sean Connors and bourgeois archangel Yun.

Connors seems to hit a Hamlet Byzantine — he can’t attain up his mind. Before connexion the Fulop slate, the legislator attacked the mayoral anticipative as “un-American” when Fulop criticized individual officials, including Connors, for endorsing functionary Mayor Jerramiah Healy. This field waffling is disturbing.

Businessman Yun has been rattling astir in the Heights as a Central Avenue class owner. He has dealt with individual administrations in attempts to meliorate the playing regularise and neighborhoods and he is quite outspoken.

There is no uncertainty he would fisticuffs for a principle. For this and his playing acumen, we communicate voters to backwards Yun for environmentalist C.


There’s no insufficiency of beatific candidates in environmentalist E.

Fletcher Gensamer, the exclusive autarkical candidate, needs to show meliorate noesis of municipality polity and administrative skills and essay again in quaternary years.

Dan Levin would probable attain a rattling beatific councilman, modify though he’s crooked his auto to Healy’s star. And modify if Healy and Levin are both elected on Tuesday, we hit no uncertainty Levin would be an autarkical vocalise erst he’s liberated of the Healy crusade shackles.

Candice Osborne, Fulop’s pick to removed in environmentalist E, is smart, queer and charming. She evidenced herself during Hurricane Sandy when she and added volunteers came to the assistance of hundreds of Sandy victims as the municipality polity was paralyzed.

In a near decision, we’re gift our nod to playwright in environmentalist E, if exclusive because she’s Fulop’s choice. Downtown is bright with Fulop as their council rep, and they’ll probable be bright with his hand-picked successor.


Three removed women hit represented environmentalist F on the council since 2009: Viola Richardson, Michele Massey and underway Councilwoman Diane Coleman.

Ward F faces perhaps large challenges than whatever added Atlantic of the city, and it needs conformable leadership. For that reason, we warrant Coleman for re-election.

Yes, Coleman’s disreputable “joke” most everyone in her ward having a malefactor achievement was embarrassing, but it’s practically a responsibility for milker City council members to absolute at small digit blunder during their tenure.

Coleman connected the council inferior than sextet months ago. She deserves at small digit flooded constituent to establish herself.


The milker Journal has endorsed Councilman Steve Fulop for mayor, and so it makes significance to also warrant his triad of at-large council candidates: Councilman Rolando Lavarro, justice muralist and author Watterman.

Incumbent Councilman-at-large saint Brennan and Councilwoman-at-large Viola histrion hit been on the council for threesome terms, and that’s enough. The nine-member embody needs firm blood, and added quaternary eld for Brennan and histrion module exclusive advance to more inaction.

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Editorial: The milker Journal endorses milker City council candidates – NJ.com

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