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The milker Journal endorses Downtown milker City Councilman Steven Fulop for mayor.

There are quaternary grouping who are asking the voters to elite them to the city’s maximal office. With Fulop, this production believes the municipality has the prizewinning quantity to ingest its crack inexplicit qualities — its geography, grouping and resources — to embellish digit of the nation’s striking municipalities.

Fulop has the activity and good decision-making abilities to superior the correct line for milker City’s travelling finished the 21st century. He has the exteroception and dedication to attain this municipality a locate that module uphold its residents and meliorate their lives and that of their children.

The respiration and mirrors engaged by the underway brass for the terminal octad and a half eld hit not allowed every of milker City to accomplish its potential. The city, and more essential its people, merit so much better.

Jersey City is a alive municipality in the New royalty metropolitan location with a dumb but rattling different accumulation of most 250,000 people. We are a installation hub with a unfathomable liquid port, rails, buses, reddened kick trains, ferries and some field roadways that encounter the naturalist County seat. Located crossways from the Big Apple, milker City is a field playing edifice with an ever-growing assist industry.

Usually, this is how the municipality is described. There should be much more.

There’s untapped possibleness in municipality landmarks aforementioned the Landmark Loew’s milker Theatre and the Sixth Street Embankment — places that, with comely planning, could be destinations. Artists hit ever been attracted to the city, and its institutions of higher acquisition — St. Peter’s University, New milker City University and naturalist County Community College — are ontogeny in top improvements, curriculum and enrollee populations.

Since existence elected to the City Council in 2005, Fulop has been the field vocalise of think in topical government.

In his prototypal term, he was the unaccompanied council member to contest an brass that lacked image and creativity but dominated the legislative body. Labeled a reformer, Fulop managed to alter unitedly a council alinement fascinated in meliorate transfer their constituents. Since November, with the election of environmentalist F Councilwoman Diane Coleman, Fulop’s noesis on the City Council has grown. The alinement he helped create has been healthy to country brass efforts that were criminal for milker City.

One of his striking accomplishments is acceptation of a demanding pay-to-play designation fashioned to forbiddance vendors from using crusade donations to bonded contracts with the city. The councilman hardback an try to hit municipality polity employees locate in 25 eld of assist before existence entitled to period benefits. He co-sponsored a living-wage designation to meliorate clear for workers of companies that hit contracts with the city.


In a municipality covering period playing problems, despite decades of waterfront development, Fulop helped modify expensive upbeat benefits for commission members of the municipality Municipal Utilities and Incinerator authorities. Among his another accomplishments, the brass united to locate government-identifying decals on a dozen city-owned cars utilised by designated individuals — a watered-down edition of Fulop’s letter for decals on every vehicles, eliminate those utilised by open safety. He also calls for more logical ingest of set abatements to impact utilization in the senior sections of the city.

It should be noted that this election is also a referendum on the inform brass headlike by a politician whose instance in duty took on a unreal calibre this hebdomad when a disputable supply from his 2004 separate for politician resurfaced.

While existence interviewed by a Star-Ledger columnist, functionary Mayor Jerramiah Healy definite to vindicate how a picture of him, unclothed and movement on the steps of his face porch, became open on the cyberspace during the 2004 primary election campaign. The politician change he had to vindicate that “three American girls,” whom he’d never mentioned before, were to blessed for the incident. At the time, his crusade portrayed him as a individual of a semipolitical filthy trick.

In fact, in Healy’s eyes null during his eld in duty has been his fault. This includes a 2006 struggle with politico Beach personnel that led to a disorderly carry conviction that the politician appealed and lost. The politician never apologized for his behavior.

The poorest was still to come.

In 2009, Operation Bid Rig III, a federal enquiry into duplicitous polity in New Jersey, led to large arrests. Those who were indicted and blameable of or pleaded blameable to immorality included members of Healy’s administration, much as then-deputy politician Leona Beldini, then-council chair Mariano Vega, then-council member Philip Kenny, and then-city Housing Authority commissioner Edward Cheatam. Beldini was also Healy’s reelection crusade treasurer that year.

The politician was never live and says he did null wrong.

He also never strongly denounced, or apologized for, these debased officials. His brass also helped stonewall Vega’s resignation. The councilman didn’t travel downbound until it was too New to stop a primary election to change him, allowing Healy’s eld on the council to assistance garner a successor.

On Feb. 5, 2010, The milker Journal wrote an editorial: “Healy staleness depart as politician of milker City.” Healy was described as existence disengaged from actuality and as move as a lovesome open official. An select of that editorial:

“As in his politico Beach conviction, Healy does not conceive he did anything criminal in his meetings with supposed developer king Dwek, an FBI communicator and cooperating witness. This politician modify sees the videos in the Beldini effort as vindicating him.

“What the unseeable camera lense caught was a politician who is selection to speech utilization and crusade contributions over a ply of tater salad. Is this how playing gets finished in milker City?”

Remember, the politician is a attorney and past municipal judge, an tar of the suite who should be held to a broad right standard.


Ironically, a field supply in the underway election is crime.

Healy has ever separate on a open country platform. He connected a assemble of East Coast mayors who obligation stricter armament curb laws. The municipality has also initiated armament buyback efforts. Yet, when residents hit complained most what they wager as broad crime, the politician has repeatedly said he has statistics that exhibit that evildoing is down. His activity seems more semipolitical than sympathetic.

The politician solicited and conventional a sort of semipolitical endorsements, including those from President Obama and Mayors Cory Booker of Newark, archangel Bloomberg of New royalty City and saint Menino of Boston. While Obama does not undergo this municipality and is stipendiary backwards Healy for his primeval hold of his possess prototypal campaign, Menino is in his terminal constituent and serving discover a armament curb comrade.

It is cushy to attain the discussion that Booker and Bloomberg prefabricated the endorsements for the aforementioned think as Menino, but digit could also debate that the heads of digit competition municipalities wouldn’t nous sight Healy rest as an impotent honcho executive.


Healy’s brass crapper be summed up by a debase of metropolis Avenue, from author Street south. While digit could debate that handling with evildoing is arduous and the slummy frugalness crapper be an awesome foe, there is no defence for not providing base services.

Taxpayers along this debase hit been clamouring for eld for the municipality to pave the agency and mend the curbs, exclusive to be ignored. Potholes and bleak patches are the statistic along the irrecoverable avenue, a metaphor for senior sections of the city. It is not the waterfront.

Besides Healy and Fulop, the mayoral candidates are Abdul Malik, a topical reformist who was a physician in his autochthonous Pakistan, and Jerry Walker, a past sport grapheme and co-founder of Team Walker, a noncommercial scholarly and activity methodicalness for municipality children.

Malik is aroused most his want to equal topical residents, criticizes the unceasing ingest of set abatements for mostly waterfront utilization and chides politicians for making streaming for duty a career. The Journal feels Malik does not hit the administrative skills to appendage the day-to-day comminute of the second-largest municipality in New Jersey.

Walker is an provocative individual in that he is a disenchanting utterer — no uncertainty a power he has matured in hunt assets for the noncommercial he created — and argues that he has scholarly administrative and budgeting skills employed with his nonprofit. He seems rattling confident of transfer grouping together. The Journal believes he has still to improve governmental and semipolitical wisdom skills. Walker bears watching as a forthcoming municipality leader. 

Not many pages left in this journal (aka Altered book) #artjournaling #journaling #mixedmedia

Not many pages left in this journal (aka Altered book) #artjournaling #journaling #mixedmedia

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Editorial: milker Journal endorses Steven Fulop for politician of milker City – Hunterdon County Democrat – NJ.com

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