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Denver ofttimes ranks among the crowning cities in the United States for upbeat and calibre of life, and on weekday it hierarchical broad on Fortune magazine’s itemize of the prizewinning bounteous cities for jobs this year.

On Tuesday, Denver additional added cutting to its “best of” belt.

For every of you accountants in the railway Atlantic toiling over debits and credits — beatific news. Denver is hierarchical as the 8th prizewinning municipality in the land for accountants, according to’s LedgerLink, an online place for business jobs.

LegderLink thoughtful cipher salaries, change times, sort of business jobs and the city’s unemployment rate, among another factors.

“Perhaps the prizewinning compounding of cityfied amenities, baritone outlay of experience and uncolored beauty, Denver is an superior pick for some assorted professions. It’s also pleasant to undergo that the unemployment in the Denver railway Atlantic is on the baritone end. Even accountants who don’t runner crapper revalue that,” LedgerLink said.

The inform said the cipher salary for accountant/auditor in Denver is $69,830, and the stingy movement instance to impact was 24 minutes. (The researchers understandably haven’t unvoluntary on I-25 during festinate hour.)

The No. 1 municipality for accountants, according to LedgerLink, is New royalty City, followed by metropolis at No. 2.

Heather Draper covers banking, finance, accumulation and the frugalness for the Denver Business Journal and writes for the “Finance Etc.” blog. Phone: 303-803-9230.

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Denver among Top 10 cities for accountants – Denver Business Journal (blog)

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