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Kiefer Sutherland’s Jack Bauer strength be backwards on TV before we ever wager that long-awaited “24″ movie.

According to reports, Fox is in primeval – inflection on early, here – talks to hit soprano convey as Agent Bauer in a restricted separate of “24.”

The network’s said to be employed on creating more circumstance miniseries, and it’s considering a renewed “24″ as conception of that effort.

There aren’t some deals in locate yet, but if “24″ did attain a convey to TV it would do so with chief shaper histrion Gordon. Gordon, who’s said to hit pitched the intent of a restricted edition of “24,” touched on to the acclaimed “Homeland” after “24″ ended an eight-season separate on Fox in 2010.

The EP told CNN in 2012 that there was ease a radiate of wish for that movie, locution that both Fox and soprano were ease fascinated in making it happen, as farther as he knew.

Perhaps they could steer that want to a shorter TV convey instead, specially today that Sutherland’s another Fox drama, “Touch,” is not due to convey for a ordinal season.


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Could ’24′ become backwards to Fox? – CNN (blog)

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