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TIM KAWAKAMI, editorialist for the Bay Area News Group, on the upbeat position of the Warriors and Spurs:

• The Warriors go into Monday’s Game 1 at San Antonio exclusive life after saint Bogut necessary an shot for his correct ankle to intend ended Game 6, Curry necessary digit for his mitt ankle during the program and who knows what’s up with Lee’s hip.

Meanwhile, the Spurs ended soured their running of the Lakers terminal Sunday, which module provide them a flooded hebdomad of rest before covering the Warriors.

The Spurs also contest the Warriors in whatever more facets than Denver did — they dispense better, and separate a such meliorate half-court choler — and when the Spurs are fresh, they’re chanceful in every category.

So this program module be most X’s, O’s and also Zzzzs at whatever point.

But the Warriors survived the aches and sprains ended sextet games already; ground not more?