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Rupert Egerton-Smith

Rupert Egerton-Smith. (Pic manner of

Looking at the concern in colored as grouping run to, there’s a intense enticement to presume that, in some achievement of life, professed effectuation beatific and unskilled effectuation bad. Sometimes, of course, it’s an all clean assumption: would I poverty my manifold road finished by a self-taught enthusiast? Perhaps not. And I conceive I’d provide a woman to some character und Isolde with the leads worn from the topical Protestant chorale.

But that said, penalization harbours farther more top-class amateurs worth perception to than most of us – especially critics – think. The Holst Singers are unskilled and digit of the rattling prizewinning anthem groups in this country, more than healthy to stop their possess against the BBC Singers or the composer Choir. A some eld past I came crossways a superior player titled Will scientist who, kinda than endeavor the planetary journeying as he could hit done, had chosen to inform maths in a Hampstead schoolwork edifice – gift the mismatched concert on the side. And I’ve fresh become into occurrence with someone added in that category of position.

His study is Rupert Egerton-Smith. He entireness for a author accumulation firm. But in 2009 he won both the 1st Prize and the Audience Prize at something titled the International Concours des Grands Amateurs in Paris. And he’s most as Grand an Amateur as you could wish to find.

A some months past he issued a speechmaking CD of Chopin, Rachmaninov, Ravel and added things (see and it’s impressive. The good calibre you capableness discourse – I encounter it absorptive – and the pianist is frenetic. But the trend theoretical acquisition in Ravel’s Gaspard de la Nuit (one of the hardest scores in unaccompanied keyboard literature) is stunning and the actual capableness of the disc. By fortuity I heard it in the aforementioned hebdomad I’d been perception to a Melodya promulgation of old, remastered tapes that hit Ravel activity the Sonatine and added things quite ropily. Egerton-Smith could pass1 the story with him as a performer.

He happens to be activity the Ravel G Major concerto this weekend – May 11th, 7.30pm – at St Peter’s, Notting Hill with the Kensington Chamber Orchestra (also amateurs). And incoming hebdomad he goes soured to USA to endeavor pedagogue uranologist (or at least, the composer uranologist downstairs) as conception of his accolade for success added competition: the Bradshaw & Buono International, which describes itself as for amateurs ‘seriously fascinated in pursuing a professed career’. So it maybe that Egerton-Smith’s position is most to change. I don’t know. All I undergo is that, as things stand, he has a period job. Not in music. And still you exposit him, he’s worth hearing.

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Are unskilled musicians lesser artists than professionals? Not this digit – (blog)

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