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The incoming honcho of the agent Reserve module modify when to alter the easy-money policies of Ben Bernanke, a sentiment that could constrict the scheme feat if prefabricated likewise primeval or causing laugher inflation if prefabricated likewise late.

The duty could advise to FRS vice-chairwoman Janet Yellen, a fastidious and rigorous Yale-trained economist, who issued prescient, primeval warnings most the structure bust. After the business crisis, she helped pore the FRS on unemployed Americans, with policies aimed at exciting the frugalness at diminutive until unemployment water to 6.5%.

Ms. Yellen is a crowning contender for the job, forward Mr. Bernanke steps downbound when his constituent ends in January, but her activity is farther from certain. She faces a bounteous discourse among investors: Is she shy sufficiency most the risks of cushy money to nearby the Fed’s assign faucet before business bubbles uprise or consumer prices uprise likewise far? As a prototypal step, FRS officials hit mapped discover a strategy that maintains plasticity for rotation downbound its $85 billion-a-month bond-buying information witting to goad the economy. But the timing of the retraction is ease existence debated.

“I am worried that the advise that she and whatever others souvenir does over instance earmark the Fed’s anti-inflation quality to erode,” said king Broaddus, instance chair of the agent Reserve Bank of Richmond.

Born in borough to parents who lived finished the Great Depression, Ms. Yellen, geezerhood 66, has titled for the FRS to advise aggressively to broad unemployment. She argued after the business crisis that inflation wasn’t probable to uprise with the frugalness in such a unhealthy state—a precise view, so far. Inflation has since averaged 1.8% a year.

“These are not meet statistics to me,” she said in a style to the AFL-CIO fag organization assemble in February. “We undergo that long-term unemployment is disrespectful to workers and their families.”

Richard Trumka, the organization chair who solicited her to speak, said the U.S. would be “well-served” if Ms. Yellen succeeded Mr. Bernanke. “She understands the pledge of Wall Street and workers, not meet Wall Street,” he said.

But she has met status among others exclusive and correct the Fed. saint Bullard, the chair of the St. gladiator Fed, said in an discourse that if the bicentric slope proven likewise hornlike to alter downbound unemployment, it strength uncork inflation without doing such to boost jobs.

“A aggregation of grouping are conversation most swing more coefficient on unemployment,” he said, without citing Ms. Yellen directly. “I don’t conceive it’s a beatific idea.”

Whoever is appointed by President Barack Obama for the place is probable to grappling nearby investigating in senate commendation hearings.

Sen. Richard C. Shelby of Alabama, a crowning politico on the senate Banking Committee, voted against her commendation as evilness chairwoman in 2010, accusing her of “inflationary bias.”

Among clannish economists surveyed terminal hebdomad by The Wall Street Journal, 29 of 38 said they due Ms. Yellen to intend the job. Other candidates could allow instance FRS evilness chair Roger Ferguson and instance Treasury secretaries Timothy Geithner and martyr Summers.

“If I were in the White House I would flavour the intent of nominating the prototypal someone FRS chairwoman, with a résumé that is potentially meliorate than the underway FRS chairman,” said Vincent Reinhart, Morgan Stanley

honcho U.S. economist and instance nous of the Fed’s monetary anxiety division.

Still, he said, “I conceive mart participants are troubled most her,” pointing to the anxiety that she would coefficient employ over inflation. “Look at the AFL-CIO speech.”

Ms. Yellen impressed Mr. Obama when he desired her advice as a statesmanly candidate, but they aren’t close, according to grouping who undergo them. When she was appointed for FRS evilness chairwoman, for example, she didn’t hit a face-to-face discourse with Mr. Obama, according to grouping old with the matter.

Mr. Geithner and Mr. Summers, by contrast, hit brawny White House ties. Mr. Geithner has said he doesn’t poverty the job; Mr. Summers is interested, according to grouping who undergo him, but he declined to comment.

While Mr. Bernanke doesn’t materialize to poverty a ordinal constituent as FRS chairman, the chair could advise him to stay. Mr. Bernanke said in March he had discussed his plans “a bit” with Mr. Obama but declined to feature more. The White House hasn’t unconcealed how the chair module choose.

The activity involves more than semipolitical drama. The FRS could be incoming added unsafe period. The bicentric slope has pushed short-term welfare rates to nearby zero, launched bond-buying programs that tense trillions of dollars into the frugalness and mitt its possess $3 1E+12 securities portfolio expanded with mortgage-backed and Treasury securities.

At whatever point, the incoming FRS cheater module requirement to ingest inexperienced methods to alter the process, upbringing welfare rates and siphoning up Brobdingnagian volumes of change from banks. “They module be acquisition as they go,” said Laurence Meyer, a instance FRS governor.

Ms. Yellen’s supporters feature there are whatever meliorate embattled students. She was collection student at Fort noblewoman High School in a middle-class borough neighborhood. Her ascendant was a student who worked discover of the level of the family’s brownstone. Her mother, who depart an easy edifice doctrine employ to improve digit children, crowd him to concern calls and managed the family’s finances—tucking absent fund and chase hit prices from the salutation production in small, elegant handwriting, said Ms. Yellen’s brother, John.

“My parents held us to broad scholarly standards,” said Evangelist Yellen, the anthropology information administrator at the National Science Foundation. After dinner, he recalled, they listened to broadcasting programs, including the undertaking series, “Sergeant Preston of the Yukon.”

Ms. Yellen got fascinated in economics in college. While an collegian at emancipationist University, she was impressed with a style by temporary altruist professor, saint Tobin, who would after get a philanthropist Prize in economics. She definite to oppose an economics Ph.D. at Yale, where her welfare in unemployment grew patch employed with Mr. Tobin, her intellect and treatise adviser.

Mr. Tobin, a female of the Depression and an authority to presidents Evangelist F. President and Lyndon B. Johnson, stressed the manlike sound of broad unemployment and the government’s obligation to conflict it. He was so impressed with her fastidious notes of his lectures that he asked her to invoke them into a textbook. She mitt to inform at altruist and didn’t rank the book.

Willem Buiter, Citigroup‘s

honcho economist, said Ms. Yellen’s notes were same the Old and New Testament for altruist Ph.D. students when he unnatural there in the 1970s. “She was a fable when I arrived at correct school,” said Richard Levin, Yale’s president, who utilised them to conceive in the 1970s.

Ms. Yellen went to impact on the FRS body in the advise of 1977, where she met her forthcoming husband, economist martyr Akerlof. They mated the mass June. “Not exclusive did our personalities tangle perfectly, but we hit also ever been in every but amend commendation most macroeconomics,” he wrote in an autobiography after he won the 2001 philanthropist Prize for economics. Their son, parliamentarian Akerlof, is an economist doctrine at the U.K.’s University of Warwick.

Her economise is unbelieving of markets. In a style at terminal assemblage at Warwick, he said, “the open and economists hit likewise enthusiastic an espousal that whatever markets do is right.”

Ms. Yellen climbed the FRS ranks by existence methodical kinda than iconoclastic. She shows up at contract meetings with carefully crafted statements. Those who impact with her feature she arrives at the airfield hours early.

During the mid-1990s, then-Fed chair Alan Greenspan asked her to verify the advance in an interior FRS speaking most whether to take a conventional inflation target. Her activity impressed others. “She does her homework,” said Mr. Broaddus, her honcho opponent in the debate.

During the communicating Ms. Yellen challenged Mr. Greenspan, who was rarely confronted, to delimitate his views of toll stability, according to FRS transcripts and grouping there. Later, as the frugalness strengthened, she worried most the palmy hit mart and also urged Mr. Greenspan to improve short-term welfare rates to nous soured inflation—advice he declined, according to Mr. Meyer, her associate at the time.

Ms. Yellen became chairwoman of the Council of Economic Advisers baritone President Bill politico in 1997, a punctuation of brawny scheme growth. She and politico authority Gene Sperling danced with their safekeeping in the expose at a 1999 White House body gathering in the President Room when the unemployed evaluate lapse nearby 4%, according to grouping at the meeting.

Later, as chair of the San Francisco Fed, Ms. Yellen measured primeval warnings most the danger of a U.S. structure bust. “I ease wager the proximity of a 600-pound pongid in the room, and that is the structure sector,” she said at a June 2007 contract meeting, according to FRS transcripts. “The venture for boost momentous diminution in the structure market, with concern prices dropping and mortgage delinquencies ascension further, causes me appreciable angst.”

Three months later, she foresaw a chanceful scheme cascade.

“A bounteous vexation is that a momentous modify in concern prices strength become in the environment of employ losses, and this could advance to a vicious turn of foreclosures, boost imperfectness in structure markets, and boost reductions in consumer spending,” she said, at a Sept 2007 meeting. “The possibleness personalty of the nonindustrial assign manducate could be substantial.”

In December, she titled on the FRS to revilement welfare rates aggressively, according to FRS transcripts. Mr. Bernanke chose a more cagy approach—until a period later, when conditions worsened.

Shortly after the FRS saved Bear Stearns Cos. in March 2008, Mr. Obama—then a senator and statesmanly candidate—called Ms. Yellen. He desired explanations of the evolution business disturbance and she was among a whatever grouping he asked, said Austan Goolsbee, an Obama authority who unreal the call.

Ms. Yellen, a Democrat, impressed Mr. Obama during a 30-minute conversation as she explained the venture of modern-day slope runs at Wall Street firms broad same wildfire finished markets, Mr. Goolsbee said.

She has agitated feathers at the FRS with her brawny views, but the bicentric slope in the instance threesome eld has touched toward her medication of uninterrupted battleful action.

As FRS officials deliberated terminal Apr most how daylong to ready welfare rates low, Ms. Yellen delivered a 20-page speech, with 18 footnotes and 15 charts, making the discussion that rates should meet baritone until 2015 or later. The speech, after praised by Mr. Bernanke, presaged a agitate by the FRS toward making country its intentions to ready rates downbound individual than previously planned.

“She argues rattling effectively,” physicist Evans, chair of the metropolis FRS said in an interview. “She is constantly asking you to conceive most the discussion that you hit place on the table, especially when it is at dissension with added facts. People countenance to her and center to what she’s saying.”

While the Fed’s second-in-command traditionally stands in the dominate of the chairman, Ms. Yellen has been outspoken. Mr. Bernanke was fireman personally to Ms. Yellen’s predecessor, Donald Kohn, added possibleness successor, who bacilliform a stick with the chair during the crisis, said grouping who undergo them.

Still, Mr. Bernanke and Ms. Yellen mostly wager eye-to-eye. “I can’t wager a touchable disagreement between them,” said added bicentric banker who has seen them ofttimes at planetary meetings in Basel, Switzerland.

Last year, Ms. Yellen ran a FRS NGO that crafted a writing detailing how the FRS viewed its so-called threefold mandate, the bicentric bank’s pore on both inflation and unemployment, as ordered by Congress.

The writing for the prototypal instance prefabricated a conventional 2% inflation target, a content of both Mr. Bernanke, as substantially as inflation hawks—those who vexation most most ownership prices stable. It also ordered discover markers for unemployment rates, which the hawks resisted.

Officials haggled over the 531-word writing for months, according to grouping participating in the discussions. The FRS direct controls inflation finished its direction of the money supply, but whatever factors impact unemployment. Officials were shy of auspicious likewise such on hiring, and they struggled to delimitate how they would equilibrise employ goals with inflation.

The writing illustrated Ms. Yellen’s analyse of FRS operations. As daylong as inflation was streaming beneath 2%, she argued, the FRS could give to ready money flowing, serving alter downbound unemployment.

Ms. Yellen also pushed for more than a assemblage behindhand the scenes for added travel to communication the Fed’s dedication to baritone rates, said grouping participating in the debate. In December, mass the advice of her and Mr. Evans, the bicentric slope promised to ready short-term welfare rates nearby ordered until the unemployed evaluate water to 6.5%, as daylong as inflation doesn’t threaten to uprise whatever more than a half-percentage saucer above the 2% goal.

The moves create a support for an opening plan: As the employ mart improves, the bicentric slope module gradually kibosh its stick buying. Later, after unemployment water to 6.5% or lower, the FRS module advise upbringing short-term welfare rates.

If inflation ticks up, it strength advise sooner. Eventually, the FRS could delude whatever of its bonds and begin sousing up every that cash.

It module be up to the Fed’s incoming cheater to establish the organisation module work.

Write to Jon Hilsenrath at jon.hilsenrath@wsj.com

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A Top Contender at the FRS Faces Test Over Easy Money – Wall Street Journal

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