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Washington (CNN) – The calendar reads May 2013, but in whatever structure it trusty feels a aggregation fireman to 2016.

Friday period Vice President Joe Biden keynotes a Democratic Party band in Columbia, South Carolina. Less than digit miles away, Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas headlines a Palmetto State politico Party dinner.

One hebdomad after Sen. author Apostle of Kentucky keynotes a band party in Iowa. The aforementioned period Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal headlines a fundraiser for politico land senators in New Hampshire.

Paul heads to the Granite State a hebdomad and a half after to tone a band dinner.

And threesome life after Paul’s visit, river Gov. histrion Walker headlines a politico band party in Iowa.

Two cushy questions: What do every these politicians hit in common?

Answer: They’re every contemplating bids for the White House in 2016.

And what do the locations they’re temporary hit in common?

They’re every pivotal primeval voting states in the statesmanly direct and caucus calendar.

While we’re exclusive sextet months distant from the terminal statesmanly election, the primeval moves in the incoming vie for the White House are underway, with possibleness forthcoming candidates making calls and stipendiary visits to much states as Iowa, whose caucuses advance soured the statesmanly direct season, New Hampshire, which goes ordinal and holds the prototypal primary, and South Carolina, the prototypal gray land to vote.

“The play armament for 2016 statesmanly crusade was fired when President Obama was asked at a advise word if he is a simple score with no ‘juice’. The answer, according to every these likely candidates running to modify the vacuum, is that he is,” says band contriver and CNN presenter Alex Castellanos, who is spearheading a newborn super-PAC titled the NewRepublican.org to refocus the party’s messaging and contract goals.

Some possibleness White House hopefuls hit already paying visits to the primeval states. Gov. histrion O’Malley of Colony headlined a Democratic Party circumstance in South Carolina in March and past Sen. Rick Santorum of Pennsylvania, a 2012 politico statesmanly politician who battled eventual band nominee Mitt Romney unfathomable into the direct season, was questionable to tone the outflow gathering of Chiwere Faith and Freedom Coalition, a directive ethnic standpat assemble in the state, before he cancelled cod to illness.

“Campaigns for chair are no individual dozen period campaigns, they are today threesome or quaternary year-long campaigns, especially for grouping who hit to improve diminutive donations, who can’t indite their possess caretaker checks. They hit to move employed these things early,” Evangelist Brabender, a grownup authority to Santorum, fresh told CNN.

But added stager of statesmanly persuasion thinks it’s likewise presently for every these visits to the primeval voting states.

“We’re just into the president’s newborn constituent and they’re already starting. It’s same asking the woman discover on a fellow at the wake,” says Democratic contriver and CNN presenter Apostle Begala, a grownup semipolitical authority in the politico White House who terminal wheel wise the pro-Obama caretaker commission Priorities USA.

But if you requirement more grounds that the incoming statesmanly wheel has begun, study this: CSPAN is branding their springy news of weekday night’s Biden style as “Road to the White House 2016.”

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